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  • Impact investing- the insurance experience

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    Impact investing: the insurance experience


    TIAA’s chief investment officer and Nuveen’s head of responsible investing discuss how the General Account has built its targeted impact investing program while incorporating direct, measurable environmental and social goals across the portfolio. 

  • esg_jourvey_survey_1880_1060

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    How do you compare to your peers on your ESG journey?


    In late 2021, we conducted our Think EQuilibrium study of 700 institutional asset owners across more than 20 countries to gauge their beliefs and actions around ESG integration, climate risk, social investing and diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).

  • Driving an equitable transition to a low-carbon economy

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    Driving an equitable transition to a low-carbon economy


    Rekha Unnithan and David Haddad, co-heads of private equity impact investing, and Radhika Shroff, managing director on Nuveen’s private equity impact team, were recently featured in PEI’s 2022 Impact Investing special report, where they discussed two of the most pressing issues impact investing is working to address: climate change and inequality. In the article, they explain how these challenges are exacerbated during periods of market disruption and why the two issues are closely interlinked.

  • ESG investing in EM debt- enhancing sustainable development outcomes

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    ESG investing in EM debt: enhancing sustainable development outcomes


    Today’s financial markets are at an extraordinary juncture, grappling with persistently high inflation, war in Eastern Europe, global climate change and the ongoing and severe effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Against this backdrop, fixed income investors are increasingly seeking to generate financial returns while building portfolios that support positive outcomes through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing.

  • Fixed income investing- the active advantage

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    Fixed income investing: the active advantage


    Active fixed income strategies may offer investors numerous advantages over passive index strategies, providing enhanced risk-adjusted performance potential. Investors are still seeking risk-managed returns in the current high inflation and rising rate environment, and we believe active management for fixed income can better help investors pursue their goals. 

  • Accessing CLOs- risk, return and liquidity considerations

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    Accessing CLOs: risk, return and liquidity considerations


    Outlines how to access and invest in the CLO market Compares open-end vs. closed-end CLO fund structures and single-manager and multimanager CLO approaches

  • Portfolio construction themes

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    Portfolio construction themes in these times of inflation


    Investors seeking to put this bear market behind them aren’t out of the woods yet. Hopes that inflation might peak quickly, that the U.S. Federal Reserve would pivot, and that the global economy could emerge unscathed — all have diminished. 

  • Q&A- The asset allocation process of a long-term investor

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    Q&A: The asset allocation process of a long-term investor


    Views from the TIAA General Account

  • What does ESG mean for private credit?

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    What does ESG mean for private credit?


    ESG’s impact on investor and manager behavior has changed the way we look at the world. Churchill’s Randy Schwimmer and Mickey Weatherston address what it means for private credit.

  • Innovation in ESG municipal bond investing

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    Innovation in ESG municipal bond investing


    Nuveen developed an proprietary leading ESG scoring methodology that identifies municipal issuers that are ESG leaders relative to their peers. Using a comprehensive approach, Nuveen seeks to helps clients achieve the investment benefits of municipal fixed income while aligning with their values and helping to provide positive outcomes for our communities.

  • Private debt prepares to ride out the storm

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    Private debt prepares to ride out the storm


    Churchill’s Jason Strife participates in a Private Debt Investor roundtable discussion with other leaders in the U.S. private debt industry.

  • Municipal bond sectors- resilient in times of uncertainty

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    Municipal bond sectors: resilient in times of uncertainty


    Many investors are concerned about the potential for a prolonged economic downturn. If that were to happen, municipal credit should show resilience, due to unprecedented federal pandemic stimulus support, strong reserves and revenue collections, and the ability to adjust budgets.