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  • Treasury yields mixed on strong economic data

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    Treasury yields mixed on strong economic data


    U.S. Treasury yields were mixed last week and spread sectors outperformed as fourth quarter U.S. GDP exceeded expectations. The market continues to price in a 50% chance of a U.S. Federal Reserve rate cut by March, and around five total cuts for this year.

  • Bullish on bonds

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    Bullish on bonds


    ”This cycle of rate hikes may be over, but we don’t anticipate seeing cuts until closer to midyear.”

  • 2022 – 2023 Annual Stewardship Report- Aligning advocacy with actions

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    2022 – 2023 Annual Stewardship Report: Aligning advocacy with actions


    Welcome to the Nuveen 2022 – 2023 Stewardship Report. For more than 125 years, along with our parent company TIAA, we have helped millions of investors achieve long-term financial health.

  • The case for CLO equity- complementing private equity

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    The case for CLO equity: complementing private equity


    Traditional private equity funds – portfolios of privately-owned companies which have been acquired by specialized firms, or “sponsors” – are a mainstay allocation for many institutional investors. These funds account for a significant portion of the alternatives exposure in public pensions, endowments, family offices, and other sophisticated, long-horizon investors.

  • Diversifying income in a new era

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    Diversifying income in a new era


    With investors facing an uncertain economic and interest rate environment, many are tempted to over-allocate to cash and wait for further clarity. But we believe investors should continue seeking opportunities for portfolio growth and income generation, even if that means looking in unexpected areas. We offer three themes to consider, along with ideas for portfolio positioning.

  • Global fixed income outlook 2024- opportunity knocking

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    Global fixed income outlook 2024: opportunity knocking


    The world appears to have moved beyond the height of interest rate hikes, inflation and economic acceleration. 

  • The what, why and how of the global fixed income and municipal markets

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    The what, why and how of the global fixed income and municipal markets


    The evolving fixed income market environment - Key 2023 themes

  • Impact measurement and reporting

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    Impact measurement and reporting


    Understanding the non-financial impact of their investments is an increasing concern for institutional investors. Almost three-quarters (74%) consider or plan to consider the environmental and societal impact of their investment decisions, according to Nuveen’s 2023 EQuilibrium survey of institutional investors around the world. This number is even higher (82%) for insurers.

  • Taxable Municipal bonds- yields moving higher

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    Taxable Municipal bonds: yields moving higher


    The taxable municipal bond market experienced negative third quarter returns in sympathy with U.S. Treasuries. With the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) nearing the end of its rate hike cycle, higher yields have increased future expected returns, given yields are now at levels not seen over the last decade. We believe portfolios should be rewarded by assuming a modestly longer duration profile while adding credit risk.

  • Resilient private credit fills a growing need across U.S. and Europe

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    Resilient private credit fills a growing need across U.S. and Europe


    The U.S. and European private credit markets have been a significant success story of asset management for the last decade. 

  • The appeal of private assets in 2024

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    The appeal of private assets in 2024


    The macro environment in 2024 will likely spur demand for private assets from all types of investors in our view. This paper highlights the investment outlook for infrastructure, real estate, private credit, natural capital and the trends supporting private market investments in the coming years. 

  • 2024 investment outlook- Selectivity remains the key

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    2024 investment outlook: Selectivity remains the key


    Views from the TIAA General Account: What are your expectations for growth, inflation and interest rates in 2024?