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    Self-storage: creating its own market


    With retail and more recently offices falling out of favour with many investors, all eyes are on alternative property types. Among the most popular is self-storage, though as with any opportunity, a key consideration should be to separate the hype from the substance – or at least cyclical from structural drivers. 

  • Real estate outlook 2024

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    Real estate outlook 2024


    Private real estate came back down to earth in 2023, hampered primarily by elevated interest rates which weighed on values. Global investment volumes continued to fall throughout the year, with less capital coming into the sector and with buyers and sellers generally unable to agree on price. 

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    The smart value-add investor – 2024 edition


    When the market turned decidedly negative in early 2022, the strong value-add investment opportunity in the wake of the global financial crisis (GFC) came back to mind for many and inspired a number of real estate players to pursue the strategy. Significant capital has since been raised, but very little of it has been invested to date.

  • Real estate- recovery in progress

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    Real estate: recovery in progress


    With macroeconomic trends continuing to impact real estate, Carly Tripp, Global Chief Investment Officer of Nuveen Real Estate, sheds light on the recovery process and how real estate is performing across regions.

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    How sustainability fits into commercial real estate debt


    Two of the strongest current themes in the commercial real estate (CRE) investment market are an increased demand for sustainable investments and a bigger role for CRE debt in investors’ portfolios

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    Surprise! Retail real estate is going strong


    Contrary to what many believe, the retail real estate sector may offer the resilience income and growth investors are seeking. Compared to the other major real estate sectors, retail currently offers higher yields and likely less competition for investor acquisitions.

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    Isn’t it all just real estate? Public versus Private


    Yes, REITs own commercial real estate. Yes, private real estate owns commercial real estate. But from there, their respective roles in a portfolio depart.

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    Investing in real estate impact


    From climate change and geopolitical tensions to rising inequality and a shortage of affordable housing, society faces many challenges and investors are seeking ways to be part of the solution.

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    Smart sustainable building blueprint


    To bring our tomorrow’s world vision to life, Nuveen Real Estate has developed a smart sustainable building blueprint (SSBB) for the different real estate sectors it invests in. Each sector-specific SSBB takes into account the three key drivers of change in tomorrow’s world: sustainability, technology and people.

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    Changing dynamics of industrial real estate


    Since the end of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the industrial sector has been the best-performing core property type, producing robust returns during an extended period of falling vacancy and strong rental growth.

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    An updated journey of the road to net zero carbon


    In order to support the objectives of the Paris Accord, governments in major countries across the world have committed to reach net zero by target dates between 2030 and 2060.

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    2022-2023 Real Estate ESG Report


    Our tomorrow’s world approach, a philosophy that sits at the core of our investment process and business operations, informs our long-term view of real estate investments for the enduring benefit of both clients and society.