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  • Impact investing in real estate

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    Impact investing in real estate


    How real estate investors can generate positive social, environmental and financial returns.

  • Commercial real estate in the global pandemic

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    Commercial real estate in the global pandemic


    As the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus continue to challenge global markets, it’s clear that commercial real estate is still being affected as much as, or perhaps more than, any other asset class. 

  • Telehealth and the future of healthcare real estate

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    Telehealth and the future of healthcare real estate


    The pandemic has undeniably accelerated technology’s role in the delivery of healthcare.

  • Westchester Global Thoughts - Winter 2020

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    Westchester Global Thoughts: Winter 2020


    The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has only made the pressure for changes in food systems more urgent. 

  • Real estate 2021 outlook

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    Real estate 2021 outlook


    No one can deny how challenging 2020 has been. As coronavirus spread around the globe, life for many was put on hold. Unprecedented government-imposed measures curtailed social and economic activity to protect people’s health and save lives.

    Looking to 2021, the pandemic continues, but people continue to adapt, adjusting to the new normal as treatments for the disease improve and vaccine hopes are high.

  • Why farmland now?

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    Why farmland now?


    Amidst unprecedented market volatility, Westchester Group Investment Management, an investment specialist of Nuveen, explains why they believe farmland is a durable and consistent investment.

  • Why cities? Why global?

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    Why cities? Why global?


    Nuveen Real Estate explains why an investment approach for global cities needs to create a diversified portfolio of resilient assets positioned for the long term.

  • Opportunities in alternatives - Don’t waste a crisis

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    Opportunities in alternatives: Don’t waste a crisis


    Diversification and resilience are key investment attributes for navigating volatile markets and an uncertain economic outlook. Alternative asset classes are a rich source of both. Experts from Nuveen and its affiliates share their views on potential opportunities for institutional investors. 

  • Coronavirus - Latest outlook for real estate investors

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    Coronavirus: Latest outlook for real estate investors


    Nuveen Real Estate’s market-leading global research team is working daily to understand and assess the impact of the coronavirus on real estate markets and provide regular global, regional and sector perspectives. 

  • Think global - Identifying tomorrow’s world cities

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    Think global: Identifying tomorrow’s world cities


    The viability of a cities-based real estate strategy appears questionable in these challenging times. Our day-to-day activities in cities around the world have been altered in ways few of us would have imagined just a few months ago. The spread of the coronavirus, the disruption to our daily lives, and the toll on health and human life are alarming.

  • Despite rising pressure, real estate should remain resilient

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    Despite rising pressure, real estate should remain resilient


    As coronavirus fears roil the equity and fixed income markets, real estate investors may be wondering how to monitor and assess the asset class. Nuveen Real Estate’s experts offer their collective insights on the global, regional and country level along with sector views. Our chief investment officers also discuss the implications for real estate portfolios and what may lie ahead for real estate markets.

  • Coronavirus and the impact on real estate

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    Coronavirus and the impact on real estate


    Alice Breheny, global head of research at Nuveen Real Estate, and senior members of her research team, along with our regional CIOs, discuss a range of issues and answered client questions on coronavirus and the impact on real estate.