People (18)

  • Michael Sales

    Michael Sales

    CEO, Nuveen Real Assets

    As CEO of Nuveen Real Estate, Mike is primarily responsible for overseeing the business across all regions.

  • Chris McGibbon

    Chris McGibbon

    Global Head of Real Estate & Head of Americas

    As Global Head of Real Estate and Head of Americas for Nuveen Real Estate, Chris is responsible for all real estate investment operations.

  • Michael Neal

    Michael Neal

    Chief Investment Office, Europe

    Michael Neal is responsible for driving investment activities across Europe and Asia Pacific

  • Stefan Wundrak

    Stefan Wundrak

    Head of Research, Europe

    Stefan oversees all research across Europe, including the U.K., within the global research function

  • Carly Tripp

    Carly Tripp

    Global Chief Investment Officer and Head of Nuveen Real Estate Investments

    Carly leads a team of 200+ investment professionals responsible for all transactional and asset management functions.

  • Shawn Lese

    Shawn Lese

    CIO and Head of Fund Management, Americas

    As Chief Investment Officer and Head of Funds Management for Nuveen Real Estate’s Americas platform Shawn leads a team of seasoned portfolio managers in driving investment performance and partnering with our clients on their current and prospective real estate investments.

  • Louise Kavanagh

    Louise Kavanagh

    CIO and Head of Asia Pacific

    As a senior leader within the business and member of the Global Executive Leadership team, Louise is responsible for the Nuveen Real Estate business in Asia Pacific

  • Reisa Bryan

    Reisa Bryan

    Global Chief Operating Office

    Reisa is Global Chief Operating Officer for Nuveen Real Estate and leads investment governance and operations, supports the planning, coordination and execution of U.S. business process and initiatives.

  • Duncan Morton

    Duncan Morton

    Head of Nuveen Finance, Europe and APAC

    Head of Nuveen Finance, Europe and APAC

  • Jack Gay

    Jack Gay

    Global Head of Commercial Real Estate Debt

    Jack oversees the origination, portfolio management and business development activities for Nuveen Real Estate globally

  • Manuel Martin

    Manuel Martin

    Global Head of Retail

    Manuel oversees Nuveen Real Estate’s retail sector platform and is responsible for leading the company’s dedicated retail sector investment team

  • Jay Martha

    Jay Martha

    Global Co-head of Housing and Alternatives

    James is the Global Co-Head of Housing and Alternatives for Nuveen Real Estate. He is responsible for leading a dedicated team of housing sector-specialist transaction, asset management and portfolio management professionals.