We are an independent active asset manager that truly believes accountability drives the right outcomes from high-conviction, long-term sustainable investing. Our capabilities span fixed income, equities and private assets. Our key institutional offerings include:

Fixed Income Solutions

Fixed Income Overview | Mirabaud Asset Management (

Mirabaud – Sustainable Global Strategic Bond Fund (USD)
Total return strategy aiming for attractive risk-adjusted returns in all market environments. Allocates across the global fixed income universe to provide a core fixed income portfolio which aims to access the best market opportunities at all times.

Mirabaud – Sustainable Global High Yield Bonds (USD)
Total return strategy aiming for attractive risk-adjusted returns in all market environments. Invests across the global high yield universe, with a flexible, unconstrained approach. 

Mirabaud – Global Climate Bond Fund (EUR)
Thematic bond strategy to tackle climate change whilst not compromising on financial returns. Invests in a combination of green bonds and issuers engaged in the energy transition. 

Mirabaud – Global Short Duration (USD)
Global strategy aiming to achieve a return in excess of global short duration bond markets by investing primarily in short-term corporate debt securities.


Equity Solutions

Equities Overview | Mirabaud Asset Management (

Mirabaud – Equities Swiss Small and Mid
High conviction, actively managed portfolio of 40-50 high quality Swiss Small and Mid Caps, guided by in depth fundamental research. 

Mirabaud – Discovery Europe
Focus on “Discovery” – investing in under researched leading companies of tomorrow with strong business models and sustainable growth dynamics. 

Mirabaud – Sustainable Global Focus
A best-ideas, highly focused portfolio of global leaders within their sectors, with industry leading ESG characteristics 

Mirabaud – Sustainable Global Dividend
Aims to provide an annualised income yield at least one and a quarter times that of the annual income yield obtainable on the MSCI World Index, with the potential for capital growth. 


Private Asset Solutions

Mirabaud Sustainable Cities
A private equity fund to finance the urgent transformation of cities
Mirabaud Sustainable Cities | Mirabaud Asset Management ( 

Regenerative Growth I
Unique partnership to address the transformation of food systems
Regenerative Growth I | Mirabaud Asset Management (

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