Impact investing is now

Sustainable investment has become a significant trend in financial markets as science and society address a growing range of issues that pose both risks and opportunities: biodiversity protection, water management, extreme weather events, diversity, equity, and inclusion, are just some of the topics on investors’ minds.

Increasingly, investors are asking themselves some fundamental questions: what sort of society do we want to create; what is our purpose; and are we living it? The manifestation of this emerging worldview is the rise of impact investing as investors increasingly embrace an investment style that offers diversification of choice through a fresh and more unconventional approach. The worldwide impact investing market has now broken the USD1 trillion barrier and continues to grow. It reflects the demand pressure for the investment industry to be part of the solution. Man y investors are considering their purpose and reflecting on the type of society they want to live in, and the state of the planet they want to leave for future generations.

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