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  • Without fast charging there is no electric vehicle rollout

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    Without fast charging there is no electric vehicle rollout


    Transportation is a major contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. With the solutions at our door in the form of electric vehicles, ensuring their continued adoption is contingent on having the necessary fast charging network infrastructure to help consign internal combustion engines to a chapter in history.

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    The Investment Podcast: Time to allocate to mispriced consumer finance opportunities?


    Imagine a new global financial crisis (GFC) materialising every year from here. The market seems focused on the fact that it will get tougher for consumers, and is in some cases pricing in default rates equivalent to GFC levels of stress, for years to come.

  • Distressed debt in a developing recessionary environment

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    Distressed debt in a developing recessionary environment


    High inflation is being fuelled by supply chain disruption caused by the pandemic, high energy prices caused by the war in Ukraine and high employment. High inflation is forcing Central Banks to aggressively increase interest rates.

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    Private credit investing: Whatever the weather


    The search for ‘all weather’ asset classes that can reliably deliver income and returns in an inflationary, higher rate environment and protect capital in more challenging markets is perennial. Discover how the dynamic and diversified private credit asset universe could offer relative resilience compared to traditional asset allocations.

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    The Investment Podcast: What next after the summer rally in bonds and equities?


    Fixed income and equity markets face being influenced by inputs from all angles, making this no market for broad macro calls. 

  • The lifeline of connectivity

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    The lifeline of connectivity


    In the digital age almost half the world’s population are still offline. The UN has warned that without decisive action, “the digital divide will become the new face of inequality.” But we believe investing with an impact lens can help provide a pathway to social inclusion through services for millions of people, address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and embrace “double materiality” along the way.  

  • Rising to the climate challenge

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    Rising to the climate challenge: Perspectives on accelerating decarbonisation in real estate


    Institutional investors are stepping up their efforts to decarbonise real estate portfolios - but the asset class poses some unique challenges. 

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    Emerging market debt: Looking for opportunities in challenging circumstances


    Persistently high global inflation has forced the world’s leading central banks to start tightening monetary policy. However, the prices of many of the most vulnerable emerging market bond issuers are now quoted close to – and in some cases lower – than their expected recovery value.

  • The Investment Podcast- Key growth drivers for private markets


    The Investment Podcast: Key growth drivers for private markets


    With interest rates, inflation and growth out of kilter, the world is in an extraordinary place. While it may be difficult to see exactly where and how to invest, periods of volatility do also throw up opportunity. In this latest episode, Will Nicoll considers the two big growth engines for private markets that will fundamentally reshape various economies around the globe.

  • Optimising the core

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    Optimising the core – how insurers can enhance fixed income portfolios


    Insurers are increasingly looking to broaden their staple diets of traditional fixed income and introduce exotic flavours of credit to the core investment portfolio in order to satisfy their appetite for higher risk-adjusted returns, diversification of risk and greater capital efficiency. 

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    Cash dethroned: reallocation opportunities for insurers under Solvency II


    ‘Cash is king’ remains at the forefront of many defensive allocations for insurers operating under Solvency II. However, ultra-low cash rates, rising short-term bond yields and inflation are all a material drag on portfolio returns. We believe it is possible for these insurers to reallocate a strategic part of their cash holdings to potentially higher-yielding, liquid, defensive assets without incurring excessive risks or capital costs.

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    The Investment Podcast: The mysterious case of the missing distressed deal


    As the world tried to make sense of the pandemic, a record number of distressed funds hit the road to raise capital in the expectation of an avalanche of investment opportunities – but this expectation soon failed to meet reality. Riccardo Cumerlato, Biliana Sourlekova and Mustafa van Hien investigate what happened to the missing deal.