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    Meeting the capital challenge within impact growth equity


    Private equity investors increasingly are seeking to make a positive impact with their investments. However, for the businesses involved, the reduction in availability of late-stage funding is proving a serious obstacle.

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    Elections 101: Could the dust be settling favourably for emerging market equities?


    In the wake of major elections in India, Mexico and South Africa, we find a sea of investment opportunities for active stock selectors. Let’s delve deeper into the recent triumvirate of ballots that have unfolded across emerging markets, spanning continents from Asia to Africa to Central America. By examining the outcomes and implications of these votes, we stand to uncover a range of prospects for investors looking to navigate these dynamic markets.

  • Private credit- Europe versus the US

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    Private credit: Europe versus the US


    Estimates suggest the private credit market will double in value over the next 5-years. It’s attractions remain as strong as ever: potential inflation protection, diversification, potentially attractive risk-adjusted returns, and volatility reduction. With Europe and the US dominating almost 90% of the market, what are the key differences between these regions and where should investors set their focus?


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    In conversation with Fabiana Fedeli


    An ‘optimist who plans for the worst,’ Fabiana was named one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Finance in 2022 by Financial News. Here, M&G Investments’ Chief Investment Officer for Equities, Multi-Asset and Sustainability, tells Antonia Oprita about her love for markets and why she thinks of herself as a ‘data junkie’.

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    Connecting the Dots: Mid-year investment perspectives with three CIOs


    Each month experts from across our global network of investors will join us to bring you their views across equities, fixed income and private markets. This debut episode features investment perspectives from M&G Investments’ three Chief Investment Officers (CIOs) at the mid-way point of 2024.

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    Shifting forces - Adapting to a new investment landscape


    After a period of relative stability, waves of structural changes have recently led to a shift in the investment regime. With higher interest rates, inflation and geopolitical fragility, the environment is highly unpredictable. How can investors navigate the challenges ahead?

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    Investment Perspectives Mid-Year 2024 Outlook: Descent from the peak


    Where could investors discover opportunities as we approach the descent from peak interest rates? At the mid-way point of 2024, our CIOs and investment teams across Equities and Multi-Asset, Fixed Income and Private Markets bring you their views on the current investment landscape, look beyond the ‘noise’ and map the potential routes for success amid heightened volatility.

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    Private credit: Europe vs the US


    The global private credit market is dominated by the US and Europe. M&G believe the European market is set to expand more rapidly. What are the key differences within each region? Which could potentially offer the most attractive risk/return? Our latest insight provides a roadmap for investors.

  • The growth of asset backed lending in Europe- A journey set to continue


    The growth of asset backed lending in Europe: A journey set to continue


    The sustained rise of asset backed lending (ABL) in Europe has been driven by well understood factors. These include a continued bank retrenchment in Europe, regulatory pressures, technological developments and banks seeking balance sheet optimisation. Together these factors have propelled the ABL market forward.

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    High yield structured credit: Ripe conditions within the European market


    What is attracting investors to high yield structured credit?
    Structured credit has grown considerably over the last few years. The trends propelling the asset class are long-term with investors potentially able to capture equity-like returns from the asset class. Capital at risk.   

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    The lost art of credit analysis in buy and maintain management


    As we move into the later stages of the credit cycle, effective risk management within core fixed income portfolios is an increasingly pertinent issue for insurance companies. With corporate balance sheets under increasing pressure, traditional buy and maintain credit management strategies are being tested for the first time, placing increased focus on the benefits of a more active approach to long-term credit allocations.

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    Fixed income: What’s the issue with the new issue premium?


    Amid surging demand for investment grade (IG) corporate bonds, the new issue premium typically offered by companies turned negative in the first quarter of 2024. This comes as investors seek to lock in higher yields before potential central bank interest rate cuts and demonstrates the weight of capital seeking to enter the market.