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    Mapping global elections and what this means for investors


    It’s a defining 12 months for the world we live in today and wake up to tomorrow as billions of people across more than 50 countries head to the polls in 2024, although not all national elections will be free and fair. Romil Patel looks at some of the key votes from the world’s oldest to its largest democracies, as well as emerging markets – and what this means for investors.

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    Does corruption perception matter to investors?


    It’s not lost on any investor that nearly half the world’s population is set to participate in elections this year, with a select few anticipated to significantly alter a country’s trajectory. With this in mind, we ask, do corruption perception trends matter to investors?

  • The Investment Podcast- The long-term megatrend of European private asset-backed finance


    The Investment Podcast: The long-term megatrend of European private asset-backed finance


    While Europe’s private asset-backed finance markets have been growing in importance for a number of years, it’s only in recent years where we’ve seen the regulatory pressures that banks are facing come to the fore, fuelling a strong desire to shrink balance sheets and increase capital.

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    High yield floating rate notes: Prospects in the next stage of the cycle


    Global high yield floating rate notes delivered strong returns in 2023 during a period of heightened macroeconomic uncertainty that included double digit inflation and interest rate hikes. With 2024 well underway, inflation is returning to target levels and the prospect of slower, yet positive, economic growth has encouraged a cautious sense of optimism that a soft landing may be achieved. Here, we explore the potential prospects for this growing subset of the high yield fixed income universe as we approach the next phase of the interest rate cycle.

  • China-linked equity sales accelerate

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    Enter the dragon: Why China is competitively positioned


    There are several reasons to remain constructive on China, in our view. We believe that pessimism about China’s fortunes and the wider economic outlook, resulting in the current idiosyncratic sell-off, presents opportunities for active investors to find great companies at very attractive valuations.

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    A favourable starting point for Emerging Market debt?


    A favourable global growth picture and potential interest rate cuts could be advantageous for emerging market bonds in 2024. However, given significant uncertainty and the potential for election-related volatility, we believe a selective approach is crucial in identifying attractive opportunities.

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    Income strips for insurers: A natural fit?


    With many UK defined-benefit pension schemes considering de-risking options in the wake of higher interest rates, their appetite for private assets, such as Income Strips, has reduced thus leaving potential opportunities for other institutional investors.

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    The Investment Podcast: The great global election cycle


    As billions of people vote in national elections in 2024, including seven of the world’s 10 most populous nations, our panel of cross asset class experts looks at the issues and potential unique and overlapping implications at play across developed and emerging markets – from the US and UK to South Africa and Mexico. They also analyse what asset allocators are watching, including the influence of outcomes on fiscal, monetary and climate policy, the impact on asset prices and potential mispricing opportunities.

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    The big contribution: How DC pension schemes can build a brighter future with private assets


    Private assets can make a big contribution to DC pension schemes by enhancing the quality of member retirements, while helping to contribute to a more sustainable planet. 

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    Waste to wealth: A circular economy approach to e-waste


    From mobile phones to medical equipment, electronic products in their millions are being produced and discarded in excess each year. The growing e-waste problem is driving unparalleled levels of resource depletion and pollution, presenting a clear social and environmental risk. As a result, countries are increasingly looking to establish more sustainable consumption and production patterns through a circular economy approach.

  • The innovations transforming healthcare

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    From ‘smart chemo’ to gene therapy: The innovations transforming healthcare


    From the invention of the stethoscope to the discovery of penicillin, many healthcare innovations have supported better health and well-being outcomes. Jasveet Brar, Darshan Rughani and Philip Kemp explore a selection of innovative technologies on the cusp of commercial inflection, with the potential to revolutionise the pharmaceutical and medical device industries specifically.

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    Tokenisation: The next frontier for investing?


    We investigate recent technological advances in the bond markets and examine what impact tokenisation and digital currencies might have on investing in the future.