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  • ISA outlook Europe

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    ISA Outlook 2024: Europe – getting ready to go


    In this chapter of the ISA Outlook 2024, we discuss how our key global themes apply in a European context. While property markets in Europe spent much – if not most – of 2023 in a waiting mode, rebased prices and strong fundamentals in many sectors suggest the time for action is drawing closer.

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    LaSalle’s European Cities Growth Index 2023


    Our latest LaSalle European Cities Growth Index (ECGI) ranks European cities with the strongest economic prospects based on data inputs of economic growth, human capital, business risk and – for the first time – extreme heat.

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    European market view – Q2 2023


    Our latest LaSalle European Market View shows how Europe’s economies and real estate markets are being impacted by, and adapting to, the current period of unusual uncertainty.

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    ISA Briefing: Energy back as key in real estate outcomes


    We property strategists are accustomed to working with traditional real estate variables such as net absorption, rental growth and vacancy rates. But in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no choice but to go on a crash course in previously unfamiliar epidemiological concepts like positivity rates, R-naught¹ and vaccine effectiveness, as these suddenly became drivers of short-term real estate conditions.

  • Our Net Zero Carbon Pathway

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    Our Net Zero Carbon Pathway


    There is no doubt that commercial real estate is entering a period of transition, one in which sustainability and commercial performance will become synonymous. The sustainability credentials of assets and funds will be subject to greater scrutiny by regulators, investors and occupiers. Those slow off the mark will find it difficult to protect and create value.

  • ISA2022 Insight Report

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    Demographics of Migration - ISA2022 Insight Report


    LaSalle’s survey of migration demographics Great migrations have contributed to the rise of cities for many centuries. The push and pull factors in the 2020s are not unlike those experienced in history: including pandemics, wars, socio-economic factors, and immigration policies. In our survey of current migration patterns, we discover great variety around the world. Key findings are summarized below:

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    Real estate and ESG: poised to move the needle


    Investors of many different types are rapidly joining the ranks of those who support protection of the environment and slowing the rate of climate change. Real estate has been at the center of the broader Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) movement, which includes social and governance priorities alongside environmental ones. All three criteria are rapidly becoming embedded in the investment processes of real estate managers. 

  • Uwe Rempis

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    LaSalle Investment Management: Building a €1.2 bn pan-European real estate fund


    LaSalle are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their flagship open-ended pan-European fund; LaSalle E-REGI which has developed a robust and impressive history in the last decade. The Fund has a well-diversified core portfolio with a proven track record and strong sustainability credentials, unique investment characteristics and excellent performance which has exceeded €1 billion gross asset value.

  • Commercial Real Estate Tech: A Research and Venture Fund Perspective

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    Commercial Real Estate Tech: A Research and Venture Fund Perspective


    The commercial real estate industry is being inundated with new technologies and property technology companies created to improve virtually all aspects of real estate investing and management.

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    Plus ça change? In 20 years of E-REGI index, much has changed but some things have remained remarkably consistent


    Throughout the 20-year history of LaSalle’s European Regional Economic Growth Index (E-REGI), many new drivers of real estate demand have emerged, from flexible working patterns to energy conservation and sustainability. However, across the two decades in which we have scored and ranked each European city region through the index, a number of themes have remained constant. 

  • trade wars are here to stay how can european real estate investors build portfolio resilience

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    Trade wars are here to stay - How can European real estate investors build portfolio resilience?


    The Impact Of Rising Protectionism On European Real Estate