Unmasking A $28 Trillion Biodiversity Risk: A Deep Dive into Our New Biodiversity Dataset

Biodiversity, or the variety of life on earth, is facing a sixth mass extinction. Humans have destroyed insurmountable areas of habitats both above and below water, resulting in a 68% decrease in animal populations since the 70’s. In fact, according to Dasgupta, demands on nature far exceed its capacity to supply them, putting biodiversity under huge pressure and society at “extreme risk”. 

Unmasking A $28 Trillion Biodiversity Risk- A Deep Dive into Our New Biodiversity Dataset

Yet, biodiversity is not just a matter of ecological concern. It is also a critical economic issue. The health of our planet and the stability of our global economy are inextricably linked to biodiversity. From the food we eat to the air we breathe; biodiversity plays a vital role in providing the essential goods and services that underpin our economies and sustain our societies. 

To highlight the economic implications of biodiversity loss and to provide actionable insights for investors, we created a new biodiversity dataset. This innovative tool equips financial institutions with comprehensive insights into the impact of business activities on four main biodiversity drivers: land and sea use change, climate change, natural resource exploitation, and pollution; as well as SDG alignment and a collection of company operational factors such as carbon, waste and water efficiency and PAI flags. 

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