GTIS eyes OZ, BTR, special sits credit

GTIS Partners is bullish on opportunity zones (OZs), build-to-rent (BTR) housing and special situations credit, according to the firm’s founder, Tom Shapiro.

The New York-headquartered real estate specialist is closely monitoring trends across migration, ecommerce, and onshoring amidst rising interest rates. These macro changes are driving opportunities in its core markets: US residential, warehousing and Brazilian real estate.

While many are focusing on outmigration from traditional urban centers, Shapiro has noted the enduring allure of city life on young professionals: “We are continuing to see a theme where the best and brightest move out of school and come to the big cities, particularly New York, and I do not think that is going to change,” he tells With Intelligence.

While Shapiro does not see the end of city dwelling, he does see growing demand for rental properties. Particularly in fast-growing Sunbelt regions driven by the increasing costs of homes and mortgages. “People do not feel the same affinity towards homeownership as they did in previous generations,” he said. “There is continued demand [for BTR] and we have not seen a drop off at all in our rental portfolio.” 

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