GLP is a leading global investment manager and business builder in logistics, real estate, infrastructure, finance and related technologies, with $111bn (€99bn) in assets under management (AUM) Our combined experience and expertise as investors and operators provides us with a distinct competitive advantage to build, acquire and scale high-quality businesses and create value for our customers and investors. We operate across Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, US and Vietnam.

Real estate is one of the biggest parts of our business and we have a long heritage and proven track record as an investor, operator and developer in logistics. From expertly investing capital to efficiently operating assets and building businesses, we take a bold and innovative approach to growth and value creation for our customers and investors.

We have $71bn (€63bn) in real estate AUM and our team can execute a full spectrum of transactions from global M&A to strategic partnerships to ground-up development. We apply the same investment and operating principles we did in the logistics real estate sector to build and scale high-quality businesses in adjacent sectors including data centres, business parks, cold storage, commercial and office spaces and mixed development property.

Investment principles & strategy

GLP combines the best practices of a disciplined investor and global special- ised logistics real estate operator to create value for investors. Key components of the GLP business model include:

Investment – GLP is a disciplined investor with significant acquisitions experience globally, ranging from corporate-level and large portfolio transactions to single asset deals. GLP has completed several large portfolio transactions since 2015, including the acquisition of the $8.1bn IndCor portfolio (US, 2015), $4.6bn Industrial Income Trust (US, 2015), and $2.8bn Gazeley portfolio (Europe, 2017), as well as more than $3bn of single asset and small portfolio deals across 80 transactions globally since 2016.

Operations – With 2,300 properties totalling 64m sqm in more than 100 cities, GLP’s global scale provides proprietary knowledge on the latest global logistics trends and market dynamics. GLP has a strong local presence across 68 offices globally, which enables it to leverage its knowledge across geographies, originate investment opportunities at attractive pricing, and create value through active asset management. Finally, as a pioneer in technology ecosystems, GLP helps its customers improve their supply chain, increase efficiency and serve the market more competitively by connecting them with solutions. 

Strategic corporate development

GLP is a global asset manager specialising in logistics, related-technologies and adjacent asset classes. The firm has the track record, scale and capability to execute diversified and complex investment strategies, capture operational efficiencies, create value across the asset life cycle and ultimately generate strong risk adjusted returns for our investors.

We were founded in 2009 as a logistics real estate investor, developer and operator and revolutionised the modern logistics industry. As we expand, we apply the same principles to adjacent sectors and new markets.

Our ability to think globally and act locally differentiates us. We have the ability to transfer knowledge and share insights from different markets to build a stronger global business and create the most value for our investors and customers.

Using our global scale and data driven insights we can identify opportunities in adjacent real estate sectors to expand our business beyond what it is today and focus on enhancing the value of our assets through operations, ecosystem development and technology and innovation.

Sustainability is core to our business and embedded in our operations. Our focus on improving efficiency across our businesses through the use and integration of data and technology is what sets us apart. As a result, we are able to reduce consumption, better manage assets and invest capital more efficiently, which in turn generates better returns, reduces costs and supports our global employees.