GLP Capital Partners (GCP) is a leading global alternative asset manager with $128bn of total assets under management across 61 funds. Real assets constitute a significant portion of GCP’s business, with the firm overseeing $116bn in real assets AUM. Within its real asset strategies, GCP strategically invests across the entire risk spectrum, encompassing development, value-add, and income-generating opportunities. 

GCP has a strong history of leadership in high-growth Asian markets and was previously the fund management arm of GLP Pte Ltd, a lead­ing global business builder, owner, developer and operator of logistics real estate, data centres, renewable energy and related technologies. In 2022, GLP formally reorganised its fund management business into a distinct global, dedicated alternative asset manager called GLP Capital Partners.

GCP invests and manages third-party institutional capital and seeks to generate consistent, attractive risk-adjusted returns for its inves­tors. Additionally, it serves as the exclusive investment and asset manager of GLP. GCP and GLP have a long shared history and culture and continue to leverage their combined capabilities to create a pow­erful and unique ecosystem and value proposition for the benefit of their investors, customers and each other.

GCP’s countries of operation include Greater China, Japan, Europe, the US, Brazil, India and Vietnam.

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Investment principles & strategy

A leading global alternative asset manager for the new economy 

GCP’s investment platform has a dual focus on real assets and private equity strategies. Across these strategies, the firm invests thematically in sectors expected to play an integral role in the economy well into the future: logistics, data centers, and renewable energy. GCP’s global reach and local market knowledge provide considerable insight into these rapidly evolving sectors, enabling the firm to make better decisions, orchestrate some of the industry’s largest transactions, and deliver attractive returns for investors. Across its real asset strategies, GCP invests across the risk spectrum from development, value-add, to income opportunities. In its private equity strategies, the firm focuses on growth equity and venture capital opportunities. 

  • Logistics – Rapid growth in global commerce and e-commerce depends on logistics real estate investment, including cold-storage and self-storage. With evolving market conditions magnifying the importance of supply chain efficiency, demand is only increasing. Through its investments and operational expertise in global logistics properties, as well as innovative emerging technologies that add value to these assets, GCP seeks to lead the way in this segment and continues to scale its platform over time. 
  • Data centres – With global internet traffic, 5G adoption and data creation growing globally, demand for data centre real estate will continue to rise exponentially. GCP is at the forefront of investing in and developing energy-efficient data centres that will meet the needs of an interconnected world. 
  • Renewable energy – Countries and corporations worldwide are making an unprecedented commitment to a net-zero emissions future. Starting with the real estate in which it invests, GCP is dedicated to making responsible investments that respect the environment and help our investors and tenants meet their net-zero emission goals. 

Strategic corporate development

GCP’s global team of approximately 600 professionals across 31 offices is led by a seasoned leadership team across acquisitions, asset management, fund management, fundraising, and operations. GCP’s countries of operation include Greater China, Japan, Europe, the US, Brazil, India and Vietnam. 

GCP leverages its global scale, local presence and proprietary intelligence to identify and execute attractively priced investment and development opportunities. As the exclusive investment and asset manager of GLP, GCP has access to operational perspectives which directly inform and enhance its investment and further drive strong fund and asset performance. 

GCP is committed to a broad range of ESG initiatives aimed at elevating its business, creating value for shareholders and investors, supporting employees and customers, and showing respect to the local communities in which it operates. 

GCP endorses several industry ESG standards and frameworks and is a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). The firm targets continual improvement for its real estate funds submitted to GRESB and has committed to achieving Green Star Designation for those funds submitted to GRESB.