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    Property & Facility Management


    COIMA Property Management turns to clients and investors who require highly specialized services in the management of complex real estate assets, with the objective of maintaining and improving the value of the assets over time, ensuring the achievement and objectives and results in the context of management and energy efficiency, including the reduction of risks associated with real estate investments.

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    Development Management


    The Development Management activity ensures the creation of value over the long term for investors and for the urban context.

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    Asset Management


    Asset Management is performed with the aim of maximizing the performance of the buildings from an efficiency standpoint, and optimizing the satisfaction of tenants.

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    Investment Management


    COIMA’s investment strategy is focused on identifying key market trends and seeking out opportunities, with a view to maximizing returns for investors and environmental and social value for the relevant community. In COIMA’s investment decisions, ESG issues (environmental, social and governance) constitute a fundamental component since they are one of the key factors driving the profitability of investments.