BpfBOUW, ABP and Bouwinvest join forces in Impact Partnership: €400 million for affordable homes

Bouwinvest, and sector pension funds ABP and bpfBOUW announce that they will collaborate in the Dutch Social Impact Real Estate Partnership. ABP has committed € 250 million and bpfBOUW another € 150 million to the partnership.

The partnership aims to add and preserve affordable (care-related) homes in the social and low-middle rental segment in the Netherlands. The partnership’s focus will be on housing for groups of people who are currently finding it difficult to find a home.

The Dutch (healthcare) housing market is currently way out of balance, as large groups of people cannot find appropriate and affordable housing. In particular, there is a huge shortage of rental housing in the social and low-middle segment, with rental prices between € 650 and € 960. ABP and bpfBOUW aim to use this partnership to respond to this issue by providing housing for lower and middle-income earners. In addition, the partnership is actively looking for areas in urban environments that currently lack social amenities.

To meet its social objectives, the partnership is focused on homes and care-related homes (a minimum of 80%), but also on other social real estate, such as schools or community centres (a maximum of 20%). Of course, these will all be in energy-efficient, climate-resilient and sustainable buildings.

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