Bouwinvest appoints Annemarie Maarse as Head of Asset Management

Bouwinvest has appointed Annemarie Maarse as Head of Asset Management, effective 1 June 2024. In this new role, Maarse will be responsible for the overall asset management of Bouwinvest’s Dutch real estate investment portfolios. Annemarie Maarse is a seasoned real estate professional with extensive asset management experience at Achmea Real Estate and Altera Vastgoed.

Bouwinvest tightened its strategy in 2023 and this led to changes in the structure of the organisation. For one, asset management will now be organised differently, which is why Bouwinvest has created this new role. Until recently, asset management was structured per fund and Annemarie Maarse will now lead the transition to a centralised approach focused on uniformity, cost efficiency and flexibility. In this new role, she will lead several teams, including Commercial Asset Management, Technical Asset Management, Tenant Engagement, Business Innovation, ESG, Property Oversight & Support and Financial Tenant Services.

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