Investing in Asian new economy real estate

The global real estate market is well known for its compelling characteristics, offering long-term, stable yields to institutional investors. However, with continued economic and geopolitical uncertainty, as well as a complex global interest rate environment, it is increasingly important that investors choose the appropriate markets and sectors to maximise their returns.

As a region, Asia offers many of the attractive attributes that investors require. Its strong demographic and economic fundamentals have created a robust appetite for real estate assets. Meanwhile its diversity, as well as the varying growth prospects seen in the markets across the region, gives investors a wide range of opportunities to allocate capital in ways that match their goals.

To succeed, however, they need to follow a consistent, clear strategy: one that takes account not just of the different economies in which they intend to invest, but also of the underlying global factors driving real estate demand. Only by understanding those factors, and the ways in which they relate to the markets in Asia, can they decide which sectors are the most appropriate for their attention.

At Actis, we believe investors should focus on real estate assets which enable the new economy, and which are at the intersection of the most significant themes and trends impacting the sector.

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