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Aquila Group is one of Germany’s largest alternative asset managers with 6.8bn Euros in assets under management. Founded in 2001 by Dieter Rentsch and Roman Rosslenbroich, it remains an independent, owner-managed investment management company focused on long-term investment returns and sustainability.

The company is headquartered in Hamburg and employs more than 200 professionals across ten offices globally.

Aquila Group works across the entire value of alternative investments to generate stable, positive returns for its investors. It offers institutional investors investment solutions and funds tailored to their specific needs and requirements of the regulatory environments in which they operate.

Asset classes delivering continuously stable returns form the Group’s focus. Its investment strategies are managed by experienced teams, specialised in their respective asset classes.

The investment spectrum ranges from renewable energies through real estate to alternative strategies in financial markets.

Recent highlights

• Aquila Capital is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI)

• Energy production in 2017: 2.3 TWh of renewable electricity produced, 630,000 households supplied with sustainable energy, 370,000 tons of CO² emissions saved

• Swedish Renewable Award 2018; Top 50 Infrastructure Investment Manager, IPE Real Assets 2018

Your vision and beliefs

The investment philosophy of Aquila Group is based on a fundamental conviction that the creation of sustainable value for investors can only be achieved by way of an active investment management strategy. Aquila Group has defined comprehensive policies with clear principles and long-term perspectives that meet the highest industry standards - to ensure the best solutions for investors are achieved.

Drawing on its long established experience and professional skills, Aquila Group provides high quality investment advice to its clients. In an ever-changing market, the Group’s investment teams continuously examine investment markets and their investment vehicles and follow a clearly structured and disciplined investment process. This allows for the best use of strategies and concepts within an extensive network and a connection to global resources in order to access the most attractive potential investment opportunities.

As an international investment manager accompanying assets along the entire value chain, the company is in a special position to promote sustainable business practices. The Group’s investment processes are designed with due regard for environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Investment process and research

Aquila Group employs a holistic, solution-oriented approach, from the development and implementation of a strategy, to the management of and exit from an asset.

The investment process follows a predefined structure, designed to ensure maximum investment oversight. Aquila Capital’s independent, asset-specific investment teams utilise their extensive sector network and experience to screen the market for potential investment opportunities. The investment teams are responsible for the due diligence analysis and economic assessment of targeted assets. They identify the risks involved in order to determine the potential viability of investments and optimised risk-return profiles. Throughout the entire investment process, the teams work closely with the Group's independent teams in Fund Management, Risk Management, Valuation, Product Structuring & Tax, Compliance and Product Legal as well as external advisors to ensure a comprehensive audit of all assets and to identify additional value creation potential. This approach provides a thorough analysis of opportunities at an early stage of the acquisition process. Additionally, during the structuring of the investment, care is taken to align the structure as best as possible with the requirements of the investors.

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The validity of the provided information is limited to the date of preparation and may change in course of your objectives or in course of other reasons, especially the market development. The sources of information are considered reliable and accurate, however we do not guarantee the validity and the actuality of the provided information and disclaim all liability for any damages that may arise from the use of the information.

Corporate Governance stands for the transparent, responsible and purposeful implementation of international and national regulation as well as for our values and principles. These values and principles reflect the Corporate Governance requirements of the entire Aquila Group with regard to Best Execution Policy, Guidelines on the Exercise of Voting Rights, Principles of Dealing with Conflicts of Interest, Information on the Complaints Procedure, Rules of adequate Behaviour and the Remuneration Policy of the Aquila Group.

The guidelines are regularly reviewed based on the development of national and international standards and regulatory requirements and are adjusted accordingly.

In the performance of their tasks, the management board and board of directors as well as the employees fully identify themselves with these guidelines.

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