People (6)

  • Roman Rosslenbroich

    CEO, Co-Founder of Aquila Group

    Roman Rosslenbroich is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aquila Capital. He is responsible for Aquila Capital’s corporate development, strategy and investments.

  • Dr. Dieter Rentsch

    CIO, Co-Founder of Aquila Group

    Dr. Dieter Rentsch is co-founder and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Aquila Capital. He is responsible for the company's investment strategies, investment processes, key account management, finance, IT as well as risk management.

  • Dr. Florian Becker

    COO, General Counsel Aquila Capital

    Dr Florian Becker is responsible for all operational, legal and governance matters. He heads all operational and legal functions within Aquila Capital.

  • Lars Meisinger

    Head Client Advisory International Aquila Capital

    Lars Meisinger oversees Aquila Capital’s international client advisory and corporate development.

  • Susanne Wermter

    CEO, Aquila Clean Energy EMEA

    Susanne Wermter’s team focuses their investment activities on wind, solar and direct infrastructure investments located in Europe.

  • Markus Holzer

    Co-CEO, Aquila Sustainable Infrastructure

    Markus Holzer is Managing Director of Aquila Sustainable Infrastructure. Previously, he held leading positions in the real estate investments sector at well-known companies.