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  • PGIM - New Frontiers
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    New Frontiers: Finding the Untapped Opportunities in Alts

    2022-04-08T15:07:00Z By PGIM

    Investors are faced with a host of challenges in today’s market. Whether it be a war raging in Europe, the prospect of higher inflation and interest rates, or an equity market that may look frothy after a relentless run higher, the way forward for traditional investments may not appear as appealing as it was in past years.

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    How to get to net zero in real estate investment

    2022-03-30T15:18:00Z By Schroders Capital (Real Estate - Homepage)

    We know a drastic fall in carbon emissions from the built environment is essential to save the planet. Even so, real solutions - let alone action - remain elusive. It’s time to work out how it can be done.

  • Amundi - Global Investment Views - April 2022
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    Global Investment Views - April 2022

    2022-03-24T16:15:00Z By Amundi

    The first month of the Russia-Ukraine war has driven volatility up across the board, though with some recent signs of stabilisation in equity markets. Europe is the area most exposed to the war – in particular, through the effects of higher energy prices, supply chain disruptions, and geographic proximity, but the commodity squeeze goes far beyond energy to include agricultural commodities and metals.

  • Is the spike in commodity prices sustainable
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    Is the spike in commodity prices sustainable?

    2022-03-24T15:25:00Z By Capital Group

    For a glimpse of just how volatile commodities currently are, look at nickel markets. Prices doubled in early March. Then they plunged. Then the London Metals Exchange halted trading. This week, the market for nickel — a key component in electric vehicle batteries and stainless steel products — reopened but with strict trading limits.

  • FH-Baidu case study-2022
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    Baidu case study - March 2022

    2022-03-24T11:16:00Z By Federated Hermes

    Following EOS engagement, Baidu improved its disclosure on human capital management. EOS engagement contributed to the company’s understanding of bestpractice human capital management, leading to improved disclosure.

  • Amundi - Amundi Pension Funds Letter n°14
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    Amundi Pension Funds Letter n°14

    2022-03-23T16:20:00Z By Amundi

    In this latest edition of Amundi Pension Fund Letter we turn our gaze to China. The world’s second largest economy since 2010, China is now emerging from the United States’ shadow and may well become the world’s leading economic power by 2030.

  • Amundi-15
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    15-16 March FOMC review: we have full throttle lift off

    2022-03-17T15:02:00Z By Amundi

    On 16 March, the Federal Reserve hiked the fed funds rate by 25bp, to 0.25-0.50%, the first rate hike in four years. The Fed decision was widely expected and probably the most telegraphed rate hike in recent memory. However, the meeting’s statement and accompanying SEP offered some hawkish surprises.

  • green-hydrogens-rise_653x490
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    Green Hydrogen’s Rise in Emerging Markets

    2022-03-17T14:14:00Z By Barings

    Despite the benefits of developing green hydrogen as an energy pillar in emerging economies, countries and companies face several hurdles before it can be deployed commercially, the most obvious being the scalability and affordability.

  • NB-Back to Basics-Commodities and Radical Uncertainty
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    Back to Basics: Commodities and Radical Uncertainty

    2022-03-10T15:24:00Z By Neuberger Berman

    When facing uncertainty in the markets, we find it helpful to frame our thinking within the four quadrants made popular by U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld: known knowns, known unknowns, unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns.

  • Amundi - Investment talks
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    Russia-Ukraine: an uncertain outcome calls for higher focus on liquidity

    2022-03-07T16:25:00Z By Amundi

    At the core of the crisis, Russian assets have become almost un-investible, with dramatic price action as the market attempts to grapple with uncertainty. European equities have suffered, anticipating the negative consequences of the war on corporate earnings, while also commodities trended higher with double digit rise across many commodities. A flight to safety move has benefited government bonds, with the US treasury yield and the Bund yield trending lower.

  • FH-EOS Engagement Plan 2022-2024
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    EOS Engagement Plan 2022-2024

    2022-03-07T11:28:00Z By Federated Hermes

    Our engagement plan identifies 12 key themes and 37 related sub-themes. We find this breadth of coverage is necessary to reflect the diversity of the issues affecting companies in our global engagement programme.

  • NB-Uninvestable Russia
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    Uninvestable Russia

    2022-03-06T15:55:00Z By Neuberger Berman

    We survey the impact on worldwide fixed income markets of the devastation in Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia, and send our thoughts to those in the heart of the conflict.

  • Barings-if-sanctions-didnt_653x490
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    If Sanctions Didn’t Stop the War, They Can Still Shape the Peace

    2022-03-04T13:50:00Z By Barings

    After Ukraine’s allies decide how much to ratchet up pressure on Russia, they will face tough choices on how to ratchet down.

  • CG - EU policymakers
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    EU policymakers may look to mitigate economic shock

    2022-03-03T17:23:00Z By Capital Group

    Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, which has become Europe’s largest ground war in generations, has impacted millions of people and triggered a large-scale humanitarian crisis as vulnerable Ukrainians take shelter or flee their homes. The intensification and spread of the conflict is deeply troubling and is having a devastating impact on those people caught in the crisis.

  • nuveenmar2022_179043_crop
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    Investing in natural capital

    2022-03-01T14:59:00Z By Nuveen Natural Capital

    Investments in sustainably managed timberland and farmland can play a vital role in improving the world’s natural capital while allowing investors to benefit from long-term global trends that will help them achieve their investment objectives.

  • Mercer - 21st century investment governance for large asset owners
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    21st century investment governance for large asset owners

    2022-03-01T11:18:00Z By Mercer

    The past decade has brought profound change for asset owners of all kinds. The regulatory, social, and economic landscapes have fundamentally shifted, and the investment universe has expanded significantly. These changes pose major challenges to in-house teams at large asset owners including DB pension plan sponsors, insurers, sovereign wealth funds, and wealth management firms.

  • Franklin Templeton - Russia Investment implications
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    Russia: Investment Implications of Ukrainian Invasion

    2022-02-24T15:19:00Z By Franklin Templeton

    Investors’ worst fears about Russia’s intentions toward Ukraine have materialized following Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s announcement that he is sending troops into the country to “demilitarize” the nation.

  • Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 15.22.20
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    What is place-based impact investing?

    2022-02-22T15:22:00Z By Schroders Capital (Real Estate - Homepage)

    Place-based impact investing can help real estate investors deliver clear and measurable improvements to deprived areas. But how does it work?

  • Responsible investment- themes to look out for in 2022
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    Responsible investment: themes to look out for in 2022

    2022-02-10T11:25:00Z By Columbia Threadneedle Investments

    Responsible investment issues tend to have a long time horizon. However, we have identified key issues and opportunities we expect will drive change in the coming year.

  • PGIM_ Supply Chain Strain Series
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    Supply Chain Strain in Commodities

    2022-02-09T13:37:00Z By PGIM

    Cyclical commodity prices have surged amidst pressure from multiple fronts. While COVID has certainly exacerbated the typical mismatch between the timing of supply and the growth in demand, the deviation has been further strained by environmental considerations that have limited supply development.