Slättö and Strawberry launch new strategic Nordic hotel chain

Slättö and Petter Stordalen’s Strawberry are unveiling a new hotel chain aimed at filling a gap in the Nordic hotel market, with a focus on strategic locations, quality and high sustainability ambitions. 

The Nordic hotel market has shown strong recovery with continued growth projected. Identifying an opportunity for innovation, Strawberry and Slättö are capitalizing on this by introducing hotels designed for both short and long-term stays, emphasizing high digitalization, efficiency, a clear sustainability profile, and competitive pricing. 

For Slättö, which manages institutional capital in its funds, this project aligns well with the company’s investment strategy.  

“We have identified an attractive investment opportunity in a niche market. Strawberry stands as one of the strongest hotel operators in the Nordics. Together, we will generate substantial returns for our investors in a property segment known for its stability but also significant potential for innovation and value creation”, says Erik Möller, Head of Hotels at Slättö. 

The hotels will be situated in multiple strategic locations, primarily in regional markets, catering to both leisure and business travellers. Slättö views this hotel venture as complementary to its larger investment strategies in residential, light industrial and social infrastructure. 

You can now read the full press release at the link below