Our investment strategy

Our investment strategy is thematic, meaning we continuously adapt to ever-changing market environments.

We do a deep-dive into market conditions at least twice a year, which results in the Slättö House View. We evaluate market trends, macroeconomic conditions and sustainability development indicators. Using a wide range of real-time industry information, our team assesses market opportunities across real estate segments, updates its investment outlook rapidly and can act on the most interesting investment opportunities. This flexible, data-driven investment approach allows Slättö to create value and drive consistently attractive returns.

Sustainability is an inherent part of our investment strategy, and we believe it goes hand-in-hand with achieving superior returns for investors. We have measured the climate impact of our portfolio and are taking actions to reduce the energy consumption of our buildings, as well as the embodied carbon in all new project development. This increases the long-term value of our portfolio and is part of our efforts to reach Net Zero by 2040.


We focus primarily on rental apartments, investing in projects at various stages of development and generating value through our in-house capacity across all stages of the value chain.

The historically strong population growth of the Nordics is expected to continue at 5 percentage points above the EU average until 2035, with Sweden, Denmark and Norway included in the 17 countries predicted to be over 90% urban by 2050. This urbanisation trend concentrates talent and innovation in knowledge-hub cities, driving up housing demand while construction is slowed down due to decreased investment and increased construction costs. The demand-supply gap is widening as a result, presenting a strong investment opportunity in the residential market.

  • Countries: Sweden, Finland
  • Apartments developed since 2013 and in production: 8,000+
  • Number of managed assets in residential portfolio: 18
  • Residential property acquired since 2013: 700,000+ sqm


The underlying fundamentals of logistics properties remain strong as the segment benefits from urban growth and a scarcity of land in last-mile locations, with sustained tenant demand. Slättö focuses on the entire value chain, partnering with key tenants in large and small logistics developments to facilitate rapid geographical roll-out.

  • Countries: Sweden, Finland
  • Logistics developments completed: 60,300 sqm
  • Logistics developments ongoing or planned: 121,000 sqm
  • Certification: Miljöbyggnad Silver or BREEAM Very Good

Light industrial

Strategically located, geographically clustered industrial assets acquired off-market at attractive pricing present significant value when managed effectively at scale. We look for small and medium-sized properties that can provide diversified cash-flows, engaging in active asset management to build a portfolio of properties that provides a strong real growth in NOI.

  • Acquisitions since 2018: 50+
  • Light industrial developments completed: 16,000 sqm
  • Light industrial developments ongoing or planned: 14,500 sqm


Where opportunities arise, we have made strategic investments in segments that provided high value. These have included special situations that require quick execution, hotel properties with a focus on select-service development, extended-stay and co-living, as well as public-use properties such as schools and kindergartens.