Schroders Capital Investment outlook: real estate

This Investment Outlook for real estate summarises our experts’ views on the risks and opportunities in real estate markets around the world. We explore conviction themes and the investment strategies we’re using to exploit the opportunities that they provide.

In this edition, we find ourselves amid a period of repricing across real estate markets. We believe the unevenness of the repricing across geographies and sectors creates a window of opportunity, as it cascades through global markets in a fairly predictable manner. We also explore the real estate fundamentals that underpin our expectations and views.

What are the key risks for the real estate market? What opportunities are emerging that investors can capitalise on?

These are the questions that our Investment Outlook for real estate seeks to answer. In this edition, investors will find local teams’ updated views and insights, as well as timely key data and trends, to illustrate the shape of the real estate market.

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