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    White papers

    Australian real estate debt


    In this paper on the Australian real estate debt market, we outline why we believe Australia provides an exciting and potentially lucrative market for experienced non-bank lenders who can carefully assess the available opportunities and achieve the optimum risk-adjusted returns.

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    White papers

    South Korea 101 - Seoul far, so good?


    The South Korean real estate market has drawn significant investor attention over the last few years

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    Why do we love the Living sector?


    Andrew Allen, Global Head of Research, Product Strategy and Development at Savills Investment Management, explains why the Living sector – with a particular focus on “affordable” rents - has become one of our key strategic priorities.

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    Real estate produces 40% of greenhouse gas emissions and uses 40% of global natural resources


    Urgent action is required, as Emily Hamilton and Joey Aoun explain.

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    With interest rates at or near their peak, and values having fallen, buyers are emerging to take advantage of the repricing


    Cyrus Korat, Partner at DRC Savills IM, explains below how this is leading to opportunities in the debt market.

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    White papers

    Real estate debt lending - global whole loan market opportunity


    Whole Loans, an established strategy in the US and increasingly adopted in Europe, offer attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors with appetite for slightly higher Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios relative to senior lending.

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    The European living sector


    Shortage of supply and too much ageing, poor-quality existing stock, is creating a rare opportunity for institutional capital to help boost supply, improve existing assets and earn investors an attractive, inflation-linked return while having a positive social impact.

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    The European industrial and logistics sector


    Quality logistics space is an essential part of a country’s infrastructure. The rise of ecommerce is only one driver – a focus on making supply chains more robust is also boosting demand for industrial space closer to European markets, while a widespread need to update and improve aging buildings to meet increasingly strict ESG regulations provides yet another opportunity.

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    A clear vision for the future of real estate investment management


    What does it take to identify winning opportunities in commercial real estate through the business cycle? Savills Investment Management’s CEO, Alex Jeffrey, says strong investment expertise, deep market knowledge, ESG at its core, effective due diligence and robust technology are key components to delivering for investors and occupiers even as the macroeconomic environment changes.

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    White papers

    Not as easy as A, B, C


    EPC rating variance makes consistent and meaningful evaluations and comparisons difficult to achieve.

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    A global approach to real estate private debt


    DRC Savills Investment Management, Savills IM’s debt platform, is on a journey to becoming a global provider of real estate credit investments. Our goal is to ensure real estate credit forms a permanent part of investors’ portfolios, whether they are based in Asia, Europe or the US. Managing partner Dale Lattanzio explains our global real estate debt proposition.

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    Perspective on the European living sector


    Adam Alari, Head of Living Research & Strategy at Savills Investment Management, says strong fundamentals underpin a bright outlook for the Living sector, as demographic changes and squeezed affordability in the owner/occupier sector means more people are renting for longer.