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  • Climate change risk metrics - The rising tide

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    Climate change risk metrics: The rising tide


    The industry is now seeing an expansion in data-driven practices, with new climate datasets emerging and becoming mainstream. Climate change itself is a phenomenon comprised of many interlinked processes, each with their own risks and uncertainties. To cater to the growing demand for quantitative climate change risk metrics, vendors have begun to explicitly model climate change risk.

  • A smoother journey to the endgame

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    A smoother journey to the endgame


    After years of seemingly always being at least 10 years from full funding, UK Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes appear to be moving closer to the end of their journey. But what is their destination, what is the plan for getting there and how can fiduciary management help?

  • Institutional Investors – are you embracing the evolution in responsible investing?

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    Institutional Investors – are you embracing the evolution in responsible investing?


    The asset management industry is experiencing an evolution which has been a long time coming – the volume has been turned up on responsible investing and institutional investors are at the heart of this transition. The global pandemic and high-level concerns around climate change have brought a new sense of awareness, the knowledge of long-term risks and opportunities associated with environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. 

  • the changing landscape of fiduciary management

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    The Changing Landscape of Fiduciary Management


    A frequently heard criticism of the pension industry is that change, if it happens at all, takes place at a glacial pace. While this might be fair some- times, it certainly can’t be said of the changes currently taking place in the fiduciary management and investment landscape in the UK.