Redevco Living Targets 10,000-Plus Units for Residential Development Pipeline to Enter Top Ranks of European Residential Managers

Redevco, one of Europe’s largest private real estate companies with about €9.0 bn in AUM, has created a pan-European residential asset management platform named Redevco Living, by combining the housing projects of Dutch residential real estate specialist LIFE Europe it acquired last year, with its own residential assets. 

Redevco Living is targeting a residential development pipeline of 10,000-plus units, in partnership with like-minded investors, over the next five to 10 years to support its mission to make cities more sustainable and liveable. This would double the size of its current housing portfolio with projects in 11 cities in The Benelux, The United Kingdom and Germany, placing the company in the top ranks of European residential managers. 

Steven Zeeman, Managing Director Redevco Living, said: “One of the biggest challenges facing European societies is the severe shortage of modern, affordable, and sustainable residential supply in our cities in the face of soaring demand. The housing crisis leads to growing inequality, delayed family formation for young people unable to find homes and increased political polarisation fed by the perception of widening social injustice. By targeting the root cause of the problem through boosting residential supply in European markets, Redevco is fulfilling its core mission of making cities more sustainable and liveable and also creating compelling opportunities for investors.” 

With 5,000 units currently under development, or in the pre-development phase Redevco Living aims to organically grow this portfolio into a truly pan-European residential platform. Projects in the longer-term include 2,000 units to be developed at Redevco retail warehouse parks in Belgium. This forms part of the residential ‘densification strategy’ within Redevco’s Retail Warehouse Park asset management platform, one of the largest in Europe, with €4.5 billion AUM mainly invested in Belgium and Germany. The Spanish market, where Redevco has had a strong presence for many years, is also on the radar screen. 

You can now read the full press release at the link below