Redevco BV (Real Estate) (Key Data)

keydata redevco 2023


The material in this guide is provided to institutional investors for informational purposes only, as an introduction to Redevco Group and its affiliates (“Redevco”). This information should not be considered as investment advice or analysis, or a recommendation of any strategy or investment product, or an offer of solicitation. This information which may contain forward-looking statements, is provided in good faith based on the current views and assumptions at the time of its production, although there can be no guarantee as to its accuracy and is subject to change without notice. The AUM is intended principally to reflect the extent of Redevco’s presence in the global real assets market, and its calculation of AUM may differ from the calculations of other asset managers. Furthermore, any past performance data is not an indication or guarantee of future performance. All data mentioned here is as at July 2023.