Pro-invest Group generates sustainable returns through responsible, effective partnerships, offering investors access to high-performing real estate opportunities in Asia Pacific and Europe. The company’s integrated platform manages the entire investment lifecycle, encompassing structuring, funding, development, and operations. 

The in-house team meticulously evaluates opportunities to craft value-driven investment strategies. Active across residential, build-to-rent (BTR), hospitality, commercial sectors and debt, Pro-invest Group is Australasia’s largest independent hotel operator, managing over 30 assets and nearly 6,000 keys. The diverse portfolio includes residential, BTR, hotel residences and student housing, all influenced by the company’s proven hospitality approach. 

Managing $3bn in assets, Pro-invest’s third hotel fund, targets value opportunities in dislocated or undervalued operational, midscale to luxury full-service hotels in APAC. 

As a leader in ESG integration, Pro-invest’s One Earth, Countless Experiences brand ensures sustainability is interwoven across the business ethos and operationalised throughout assets’ lifecycles. 


Pro-invest Group

Investment principles & strategy

Pro-invest’s strategy is to identify and focus on clear investment themes in specialist real estate segments that we have conviction are the most likely to yield outperforming investments. 

We identify and filter proposals with a fact-based approach centred around understanding the detailed opportunities and risks associated with a projects site, market dynamics, concept, brand and design. 

Our experienced in-house team has been built to integrate the key value drivers for these themes over the full investment lifecycle. By retaining this control, there is reduced fee leakage and increased risk management for investors. 

Pro-invest is proud to be a market leader in ESG. Having focused from inception on the environment, the portfolio today has one of the highest environmental ratings for hospitality in Asia. Pro-invest operates to the highest ethical standards, underpinned by our corporate values of trust, transparency, integrity and commitment and an institutional approach to investment.

Sector forecasts 

OFFICE: Good-quality assets are still in demand, with buyers across the globe eager to seize the counter-cyclical opportunity. Despite concerns about what impact increasing work flexibility and work-from-home policies will have there are still several opportunities and confidence in the market. Pro-invest Group believes a pricing disparity between prime and sub-prime stock exists, which presents an opportunity to reposition and upgrade existing sub-prime stock into prime stock. In some markets there is also significant opportunity in converting office buildings into residential or hospitality focused assets, while making them ESG complaint, which the group has capitalised on. 

RESIDENTIAL: Escalating affordability and supply issues in the Australian residential market have led to a need for a greater number of more diverse living sector options. This makes the emerging ‘living’ segment, and build-to-rent (BTR) specifically, a significant growth opportunity for investors. As the living segment garners global interest, the company’s deep-rooted understanding of building operating assets and delivering experiential hospitality offers a unique competitive edge. 

Pro-invest Group also sees the potential to repurpose assets such as retail parks to suit what the customer requires. For instance, a retail park could be repositioned to a mixed-use development, to boast retail facilities such as childcare or food and beverage outlets as the core structure, with supporting BTR included in the facility as appropriate. 

RETAIL: There is a significant opportunity with regard to repositioning of well-selected retail parks for those managers with a cross range of skillsets to look after retail, office, residential and hotel assets. Given our integrated business model – covering ground-up development, refurbishment, day-to-day operations and active management – combined with years of track record across various sectors, Pro-invest is well-positioned to leverage off dislocated assets in the market. 

HOTELS: As part pf the broader living sector, hospitality presents unique investment opportunities on the back of post-pandemic financial stress, to secure discounted hotel assets and preferred equity positions. Exacerbated as banks re-evaluate their position and equity cures/refinancing are increasingly required, there is opportunity to enter the market at an advantageous entry price/valuation or through sector-specific debt funds. Several high-quality but dislocated hotel opportunities are expected to become available over the next 12-18 months. 

Pro-invest Group is one of the largest investment and operating platforms in Australasia, with a presence in the Middle East, Europe and the UK. The company’s integrated business model across all key areas of the asset lifecycle investment process creates tangible value add - most notably through its in-house delivery of development, repositioning, and day-to-day operational management of all assets. 

As the industry rights itself post-pandemic, Pro-invest is actively engaging with investment partners and asset allocators to enable successful investments across Australasia, South East Asia and select European markets.

Strategic corporate development

Established in 2010 as an international real estate investor, the group has raised two funds focused on developing new build, internationally branded hotel properties. In 2021 Pro-invest opened its London office, replicating the group’s vertically integrated business model 

Pro-invest Group’s capabilities cover the entire investment lifecycle, from managing institutional funds originating, underwriting and transacting on opportunities, to real estate asset management. The group is experienced in working with institutional investors and understands the importance of working transparently and professionally. To deliver enhanced future value and protection, Pro-invest Group focuses on anticipating future trends whether they be in IT, ESG, services or design. 

Pro-invest Group currently holds three funds in Asia Pacific, a JV agreement and managed accounts across hotel and office assets. With a global presence, Pro-invest Group has offices in Sydney, London, Dubai and Vienna, with over 50 dedicated industry specialists. 

Pro-invest Group is a GRESB Real Estate member with an unwavering commitment to implementing and targeting ESG best practice. The group’s dedicated ESG brand, One Earth, Countless Experiences by Pro-invest Group, integrates sustainability throughout the fibres of the entire business and across each phase of its assets’ lifecycles. This includes Holiday Inn Express Newcastle having become the first hotel building in Australia to achieve Carbon Neutral certification under the NABERS Climate Active pathway, and Holiday Inn Express Sydney Macquarie Park being awarded Aareal Bank’s first ever green loan. 

Performance verification

Pro-invest Group measures its performance against several industry leading benchmarks specific to real estate investment strategy, style, performance and ESG. Pro-invest Group’s performance is audited by specialist third parties. It is also assessed by GRESB where strong results continue to be achieved annually.


Pro-invest Group is fully compliant with current Australian, New Zealand and United Kingdom regulations governing non-listed investment fund managers and aligns its reporting against the INREV and ANREV guidelines, along reporting against the TCFD Recommendations and the GRI Standards. 

The firm has designated compliance personnel across its regions and regularly reviews for adequacy and effectiveness of its policies and procedures. Without exception, every Pro-invest Group member is required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations relevant to the country and region in which the Group operates in. Where there is an inconsistency between a legal requirement and the Group’s compliance policies, Pro-invest Group is to comply with the higher standard.