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  • 150-Year Analysis- What Happens to Equities When Inflation Strikes

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    150-Year Analysis: What Happens to Equities When Inflation Strikes


    The quick rise in consumer prices following the pandemic disrupted decades of low inflation globally and sparked equity volatility that investors still struggle to navigate. While inflation has settled down, it has stubbornly stayed above central banks’ targets of around 2%. High inflation can cut out the bulk of a portfolio’s return, making it a paramount concern for investors.

  • Value investing- no longer “why” but “how”

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    Value investing: no longer “why” but “how”


    Value investing has historically been a source of significant excess returns. This also holds true for European equities in which the annualised value premium, determined by the price to book ratio, has equalled 2.97% since 1990 through 2023.