Mondrian is a 100% employee owned investment management firm with offices in London and Philadelphia. We are value investors across the globe in both equity and fixed income asset classes. Since our founding in 1990, we have employed a rigorous fundamental research process­–including time-tested investment philosophies and ESG analysis–that is the foundation of our success. Mondrian’s well-resourced investment team manages assets on behalf of over 150 institutional clients. 

$59 Billion of Assets Under Administration 

Our disciplined value approach aims to exploit pricing inefficiencies in global capital markets.  The approach aims to offer clients higher long term real returns with attractive risk characteristics.  We are constantly monitoring individual securities, markets and asset classes to compare their valuations and highlight any important pricing discrepancies.  In particular, our long term horizon enables us to identify value which many of our shorter term competitors would ignore.

Mondrian’s investment team has had extensive experience in managing funds in all global markets.  Our investment style allows comparisons across both industry and country barriers, through its use of consistent criteria, as opposed to looking for different characteristics in each market.  The firm applies its techniques on a global basis.