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    The Case for a U.S. Productivity Boom


    The economy in any single year is subject to the vagaries of chance and, as such, can be “noisy”. Near-term volatility that exerts short-term stress into markets may be front of mind for most investors, but it is long-term trends that provide us with the best view of the future, especially for those with long investment horizons.

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    Are Consumers Weakening?


    Our baseline forecast continues to incorporate a recession as we remain cautious about the economy. Although aggregate economic and labor market indicators continue to be strong, we are concerned about high consumer loan delinquencies, creeping unemployment, and affordability, all of which are potential headwinds to growth.

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    Gateway Markets and Core Property Types: Not What They Used to Be


    Two commonly used categorizations of commercial real estate investing that emerged or became formalized in the late 1980s and early 1990s include “gateway markets” and “core property types.” They largely help institutional investors like pensions and sovereign wealth funds to understand the types of investments that could have the best liquidity, transparency and expected stable returns.

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    U.S. Real Estate Market Outlook: Lifting Fog


    At the start of 2023, economists believed there was a 63% probability that a recession would occur during the year (many estimated that the U.S. was already in a recession). The path of inflation was uncertain, as was the impact of higher interest rates on consumers and U.S. businesses. The war in Ukraine was also relatively new, causing heightened geopolitical uncertainty and energy market volatility, further pressuring economic growth.

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    Is This What a Soft Landing Looks Like?


    The first half of 2023 was a whipsaw of economic and real estate data that turned from gloomy to bright and back again, seemingly by the day. As the fog lifts from this noisy backdrop, we believe the case for a soft landing has become more pronounced.

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    Greening the Grid: A Tipping Point in U.S. Renewable Energy Production


    While demand for renewable energy is on the rise, and the grid continues to “green,” procurement, transmission and accounting of renewable resources is expected to evolve.

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    Navigating Uncertainty— Risks and Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate


    Rapid shifts in the global economic and capital markets are exerting strong influences on U.S. commercial real estate.

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    Unique Attributes of Real Estate Investments


    Guy Haselmann, Head of Thought Leadership at MetLife Investment Management (MIM), recently sat down with William Pattison, Head of Real Estate Research at MIM to discuss real estate investing.

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    Core Real Estate for Institutional Investors


    Commercial real estate was once viewed as a niche investment sector, but after several decades of evolution, it has emerged as a core asset class for many institutional investors. 

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    Opportunities in Moderate Income Rental Housing


    Over the past several decades, the residential rental sector has grown from relative obscurity to become one of the largest and most important institutional investment asset classes.

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    Investment Opportunities in Private Commercial Mortgage Investments


    At approximately $5.2 trillion, just over half the size of the U.S. corporate bond market, the U.S. commercial mortgage market is home to a variety of attractive investment opportunities.