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    CoCos: Attractive yields from investment-grade bank issuers


    The arrival of a new asset class in financial markets is a rare event. Many “new products” are repackaged versions of existing products, dressed up as a potential new addition to portfolios.

  • volatility in the new world?

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    Volatility In The New World?


    As talk of volatility returns to the market, investors need to make sure that they are truly diversified, says Ian Heslop, Head of Global Equities at Old Mutual Global Investors and Manager of the Old Mutual Arbea Fund.

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    Shared Thinking: In Pursuit Of Positive Skew


    There are significant benefits to steering portfolios towards an improved skew in their profile of returns.

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    Consistent Returns in a Changing World: Managing Political Risk Across Developed Market Equities


    A powerful cocktail of economic headwinds, disparities in income between rich and poor, polarisation in beliefs and sporadic ‘lone wolf’ terrorist attacks has conspired to destabilise the political landscape across much of the developed world. Recent elections and referenda have had unforeseen results. Anti-establishment sentiment has flourished. Over recent years political risk has become accentuated, and has arguably not been so acute for a generation. Many of today’s active equity managers investing in developed markets have not faced the challenge of managing such specific political risks before in their investment careers.

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    Stockpicking without subjectivity


    After the great financial crisis of 2008, the US economy evolved through both remedial and recovery phases, and is now advancing into a new era.

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    Why reflation is about much more than Donald Trump


    Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the US presidential election last year prompted much market excitement about the birth of the ‘reflation trade,’ based on the former reality TV star’s plans to cut taxes and spend lavishly on America’s crumbling infrastructure.

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    The Four Principles of Style-Premia Selection


    Factor investing, whereby the fundamental and technical drivers of securities are used to create diversifying strategies, has in recent years become democratised: it is now accessible to investors beyond those willing and able to pay hedge funds ‘two and twenty.’

  • Old Mutual - Are Europes dog days over?

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    Are Europe’s dog days over?


    Boasting a broadly improving macroeconomic environment, the prospects for Europe are on the turn. What’s more, the investment case for the region is too good to ignore, explains Ian Ormiston, manager of the Old Mutual Europe (ex UK) Smaller Companies Fund.