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  • EM Q1 CIO update


    Emerging Markets: Q1 CIO Update


    Chief Investment Officer Sean Taylor provides a Q1 update on emerging markets, a regional outlook on how some countries are doing, and his thoughts on AI’s impact in Asia.

  • Q1 2024 CIO Review and Outlook

    White papers

    Q1 2024 CIO Review and Outlook


    CIO Sean Taylor says macro uncertainty may moderate in the coming months, placing greater importance on active investing for generating alpha in emerging markets.

  • india-2024-mq

    White papers

    India: The structural growth story and the long-term investment opportunity


    India’s equity markets are being driven by fundamentals in the form of robust economic expansion which is leading to strong earnings growth. India is also, helpfully, in the draft of favorable geopolitical tailwinds. In this paper, we make the case for India—not as the potential new China or as potentially one of the best-performing equity markets of 2024—but for its own long-term structural growth prospects. We also explain why an active approach is needed to get the best out of India, to capture quality, navigate the challenges, and manage macro variables like inflation, interest rates and global economic growth.

  • singaporemarinabay2400x856-min

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    Why Asia Matters


    CIO designate Sean Taylor gives his take on what Asia has to offer global and emerging markets investors, from growth, to diversification, to innovation.

  • china-numbers-that-count-2024

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    China Numbers that Count


    Andy Rothman reviews data points that offer insights into the coming quarters.

  • Discover growth

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    Discover Growth


    Why we believe small companies present key opportunities to tap into the heart of innovation and expansion in emerging markets.

  • 2024 outlook


    2024 Outlook


    CIO Sean Taylor shares his outlook for 2024, including his views on Japan and emerging market countries like Brazil, China and India.

  • Emerging-Japan

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    Emerging Japan


    Kathlyn Collins, Head of Responsible Investment and Stewardship, says a renewed purpose among regulators and pressure from investors is yielding breakthroughs in the governance and the capital efficiency of Japan’s-listed companies.