For more than 30 years, Matthews has been a trusted, experienced guide for sophisticated Emerging Markets, Asia, and China market investors. We offer a range of country-specific strategies, regional approaches as well as thematic investments across a spectrum from growth, core, and income through Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS funds, private funds, ETFs, US-domiciled mutual funds and separate accounts.

Our active, fundamental, research-driven investment approach emphasises achieving long-term outcomes for clients – by delivering return and diversification from dynamic and complex markets. Sustainability is an important element of our investment process, and our proprietary research and assessment of these opaque markets is unique.

As of 31 December 2023, we have €9.3bn under management with 130+ employees, including 30+ investment professionals. As an independent, privately-owned investment management firm our active, intense focus provides a stable base for investment excellence and looks to the future.

The foundation of Matthews Asia’s investment philosophy is our long-term optimism for economic growth and development in Emerging Markets and Asian countries.

As active managers, we believe that the current composition of stock markets and indices may not be the best guide to finding the most successful industries and companies of the future and that our approach to stock selection can identify the most compelling investment opportunities.

We conduct fundamental analysis, with on-the-ground research and meetings with company management teams providing a deeper understanding of a business. Our research process gives us the conviction to invest in companies that we believe will deliver excess returns and to achieve this we take a patient, long-term approach.

We focus our research efforts on finding quality businesses that offer the potential for long-term growth and can generate excess returns. Our fundamental investment approach leads to portfolios that typically exhibit similar characteristics, including high active share and low turnover.

They also have significant exposure to business models oriented towards growing domestic demand within emerging markets and Asia’s economies. This approach is expressed through a range of core, growth, income and total return-oriented dividend growth equity strategies.