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    Asia logistics property: A boost in return potential?


    Asia Pacific e-commerce growth continues to outpace the rest of the world, supporting demand for more and modern logistics property in the region. Real estate price adjustments as well as emerging investment opportunities could further boost return potential.

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    Homing in on income growth potential in real estate


    Real estate markets may have entered a new phase in the cycle as revaluations play out. Yet positive structural drivers continue to underpin several subsectors. As such, we believe prospects for income and growth remain robust in the medium term.

  • The Investment Podcast- Dissecting the real estate and recession dynamic


    The Investment Podcast: Dissecting the real estate and recession dynamic


    With a third of the global economy expected to fall into recession in 2023 according to the IMF, Jose Pellicer considers previous recessions of 1991 and the Global Financial Crisis, as well as the price of risk during economic contraction and the countries and sectors that could be in favour.

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    Turning towards the next best period of performance for real estate?


    Repricing will emphasise variation in performance of portfolios, depending on quality of assets. But it could also create the next period of best performance for new investments, since history shows it is often in the years post-recession that real estate delivers.

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    Real estate living: A key opportunity of the next cycle?


    While living sectors are not immune to the impact of rising interest rates, long-term rental growth prospects remain attractive. Housing is a fundamental need, and the UK’s housing shortage is palpable. Current pressure on yields could therefore create a key buying opportunity.

  • Global real estate outlook- The impact of rising inflation

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    Global Real Estate Outlook: Steering through volatility in the search for value


    In our latest Global Real Estate Outlook we explore the structural and cyclical challenges impacting traditional property sectors, how portfolio allocations may shift, and the need for skill and perspective to steer through ongoing volatility in the search for value. Risk aversion is discernible, but history has shown that real estate often delivers the best vintage of investments in the years after recession.

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    Real estate: Overcoming the decarbonisation data challenge


    Investors are increasingly backing the case for decarbonisation in real estate - but to achieve net zero goals in the industry, clean and reliable data on emissions and energy consumption is crucial.

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    Why Europe’s student living sector offers a potential edge


    A constant, in all economic weathers, is people’s value of higher education, as shown by a record number of students enrolled in colleges and universities during 20201. For the world’s rising middle class, top-ranking universities and cities steeped in heritage are a core focus.

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    Rising to the climate challenge: Perspectives on accelerating decarbonisation in real estate


    Institutional investors are stepping up their efforts to decarbonise real estate portfolios - but the asset class poses some unique challenges. Drawing on insights from asset owners, consultants and M&G’s own real estate experts, this report highlights the need for new approaches in key areas such as targeting whole-life net zero, pricing in the realities of decarbonisation, and changing the real estate landscape.

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    The Investment Podcast: How much inflation protection can real estate offer?


    Like every asset class, the real estate sector is grappling with spiralling inflation and rising interest rates. In times like these, real estate has traditionally been seen as a hedge against inflation, but does it still hold true in the context of what has driven today’s inflationary picture?

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    Global real estate outlook: The impact of rising inflation


    As prices surge to their highest levels in decades, the impact of rising inflation is a concern for investors everywhere. As downside risks have increased, real estate markets are dealing with the impact of rising debt and construction costs, as well as potential asset repricing.

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    Real estate: Going against the crowd


    The pandemic has been a positive catalyst for some sectors, like logistics, but those associated with an agglomeration of people, including retail, hospitality and leisure, have been at the sharp end. This has created a pricing opportunity for investors that are prepared to invest against rather than with the crowd into sectors like hotels, which have suffered as a result of forced closures.