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  • Navigating the road to real estate recovery


    The Investment Podcast: Navigating the road to real estate recovery


    Picking up on the themes from their latest Global Real Estate Outlook, the real estate team at M&G Investments discuss the outlook across different sectors and geographies. Which could see rapid growth and which may lag behind?

  • Global Real Estate Outlook - Navigating the road to recovery

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    Global Real Estate Outlook: Navigating the road to recovery


    The unparalleled economic disruption and acceleration of structural trends caused by the pandemic has focused investors on positioning for the long term. But what is the final destination? 

  • The Investment Podcast by M&G Investments

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    The Investment Podcast by M&G Investments


    As we enter 2021, this podcast examines some of the narratives that have emerged from the real estate sector during 2020 and how much truth there may be to them in the coming year. 

  • Global Real Estate Outlook

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    The world that COVID built


    2020 will go down in history as the year of the pandemic; an epic shock for societies and economies with dramatic ramifications on people and industries. This has propelled us into a new era, in which high uncertainty is likely to remain the base case for some time to come.

  • Covid-19 real estate update

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    Covid-19 real estate update


    Economic disruption is feeding through to real estate markets, prompting subdued investment market conditions The impact of the crisis is currently most evident in occupier markets, with the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors facing the greatest short-term liquidity pressure We believe Asia ...


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    M&G 2018 RPI Report


    Our latest report outlines our responsible approach to business thinking and how we continue to drive progress towards our 2025 RPI targets, as part of M&G Real Estate’s vision for a cleaner, greener and better world.

  • Tackling climate change through property investing

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    Tackling climate change through property investing


    Property investors are in a strong position to mitigate the impact of climate change, with real estate producing around 40% of global carbon emissions.

  • shaping real assets to create a sustainable future

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    Shaping real assets to create a sustainable future


    Growing recognition of the ability to use ESG credentials to lower risk and capture value, and meet the rising expectation from occupiers, was conveyed in a global property investor survey by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). It found that 90% of respondents planned to further analyse ESG fundamentals over the next 12 months.

  • why urban connectivity counts for investors

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    Why Urban Connectivity Counts For Investors


    Connectivity is the smart physical and digital infra- structure that make our cities tick and helps their economies to grow. It keeps the wheels of our transport systems turning smoothly. And it facilitates interactions between residents, visitors, businesses and public and private institutions.

  • disruptive change leads to opportunity

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    Disruptive change leads to opportunity


    Any form of uncertainty is disruptive. The hung parliament result of the June general election, with no party obtaining a majority, created renewed doubt at a time when the electorate needed strong leadership and direction to navigate the complicated process of Brexit. 

  • a cornerstone allocation for pension funds seeking income and return

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    A cornerstone allocation for pension funds seeking income and return


    With the Brexit referendum now months behind us, uncertainty looks set to shape the investment agenda for some time to come.

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    A world view: the case for global core real estate investment


    Real estate has earned itself a firm place in institutional portfolios, with worldwide investment in property reaching a record $13.6 trillion. However, one key difference remains between investor attitude to real estate and to other asset classes.