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  • APAC Real Estate Outlook

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    APAC Real Estate Outlook


    The APAC region was the first to be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak at the start of 2020, highlighting the downside impact of the pandemic on economies, particularly tourism arrivals and manufacturing. With the outbreak having evolved into a global pandemic, a recession scenario appears likely for the five developed APAC economies this year. These markets, however, are expected to recover relatively quickly from 1H 2021 onwards (see Figure 1), benefitting from their relative preparedness in handling the pandemic and governments’ strong fiscal and monetary support. This should help bolster investment sentiment in the APAC region.

  • Asia Real Estate Market Outlook - December 2019

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    Asia Real Estate Market Outlook - December 2019


    Asia Pacific real estate continues to attract strong capital inflows, with returns expected to remain resilient amid more accommodative macro policies and balanced supply and demand. This paper highlights areas of strong potential returns and resilient income, including logistics markets with more sizeable consumer bases, office properties where there is a healthy demand from growth sectors and residential in gateway cities reflecting population growth.

  • Asia Real Estate Market Outlook - August 2019

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    Asia Real Estate Market Outlook - August 2019


    Asia Pacific real estate remains resilient despite a challenging macroeconomic backdrop, buoyed by supportive monetary policy as well as the advancement of digital- and knowledge-based economies.

  • Centropolis Towers - Responsible Property Investment in Action

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    Centropolis Towers - Responsible Property Investment in Action


    The newly built Centropolis Towers represents a landmark property in the heart of Seoul’s Central Business District, Jongno. Completed in 2018, our 134,399 sq m mixed-use development maximises available space, whilst providing occupiers comfort and convenience through the provision of on-site amenities that enhance health, wellbeing and experience.

  • Responsible Property in action: Centropolis Towers

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    Responsible Property in action: Centropolis Towers


    The Centropolis case study highlights a large APAC deal which reflects high environmental standards, including innovative use of geothermal heat pumps. The 134,399 sq m mixed-use development has been awarded LEED Gold certification and provides one of most highly specified prime office buildings in Seoul, South Korea.

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    Asia Pacific property: Innovation and the disruption of technology


    Structural changes are presenting challenges and opportunities for real estate globally APAC occupiers and landlords are adopting technological and innovative strategies to overcome these challenges Successful strategy implementation should unlock new sources of customer demand, increase space productivity, and improve asset quality Real estate investors could thereby benefit ...

  • asia real estate market outlook february 2019

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    Asia Real Estate Market Outlook - February 2019


    We believe domestic drivers should sustain the APAC region’s economic growth in 2019 despite external headwinds to developed economies Residential is expected to deliver the highest total returns in 2019 as growing institutional interest is likely to drive yields lower Logistics is forecasted to provide consistent returns of ...

  • asia real estate market outlook

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    Asia Real Estate Market Outlook - July 2018


    Economic growth is expected to keep pace across the five developed Asia Pacific (APAC) economies in 2018, as the global trade recovery continues to gather momentum — albeit at a slower pace than 2017. 

  • magnify asia retail

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    Magnify Asia: Retail


    We remain positive on retail in the developed Asia Pacific markets despite headwinds from structural changes in the sector driven by the growth of e-commerce and changing consumer shopping behaviour. 

  • asia real estate market outlook january 2018

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    Asia Real Estate Market Outlook: January 2018


    In 2018, the regional output from Asia Pacific should follow a similar pace of growth at 4.8% y-o-y, versus the expected growth from Europe at 1.9% y-o-y and from the US at 2.5% y-o-y.

  • mand g real estate asia pacific outlook

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    Asia Pacific Outlook: June 2017


    The economic outlook for the Asia Pacific has improved, with overall regional growth estimates for 2017 upgraded slightly to 4.8% from 4.6%. 

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    Strong tenant demand for M&G Real Estate’s new look Sengkang Mall in Singapore


    Tenants have leased almost 90% of the retail space at M&G Real Estate Asia’s Compass One shopping mall in Sengkang, Singapore, well ahead of a targeted third quarter opening in 2016.