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  • LOIM Stewardship in 2023- pushing for ambitious action

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    LOIM Stewardship in 2023: pushing for ambitious action


    How does LOIM go about helping companies become fit for the future while supporting long-term portfolio objectives? Decarbonisation, nature and best-practice governance were foremost on our stewardship agenda in 2023. We explore this in depth in our annual report to the Financial Reporting Council, which can be accessed here

  • Plastic wrap- from seaweed biopolymers to Europe’s new law for cutting packaging waste

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    Plastic wrap: from seaweed biopolymers to Europe’s new law for cutting packaging waste


    Scaling up seaweed-based biopolymers, major investments is chemical recycling and the ratification of a European law to reduce packaging waste are among the developments covered in this issue of Plastic wrap, our bimonthly review of the science, policy and corporate activity pivotal in creating a circular plastics value chain.

  • Correlation breakdown? Let’s listen to the data

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    Correlation breakdown? Let’s listen to the data


    At certain junctures in each investment cycle, market observers like us note phrases such as “correlations are breaking down”. Such an event is crucial, as the structure of our multi-asset portfolios hinges on the intricate concept of diversification. Ideally, correlations should be concentrated enough to avoid being muddled by investment noise, yet not so concentrated as to forfeit the benefits of cross-asset and intra-asset class diversification. 

  • Growth is local, inflation is global

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    Growth is local, inflation is global


    An unexpectedly high US inflation report for March suggests that the Federal Reserve may turn less accommodative and postpone interest rate cuts. However, there is an aspect of inflation that may not be widely appreciated: its relative disconnection from local influences. In this week’s Simply put, we explore how significant the global trend of disinflation may be for the Fed. 

  • Fallen angels radar- busy quarter for new entrants

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    Fallen angels radar: busy quarter for new entrants


    In this second issue of Fallen angels radar, we monitor additions to the fallen-angels universe over the past quarter. Which corporate bond issues lost their investment-grade (IG) rating to join the segment amid a particularly busy quarter? Plus, what’s the outlook for the real-estate sector and how are idiosyncratic company risks driving ratings actions?

  • What is making the gold market run so hot?

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    What is making the gold market run so hot?


    An intriguing recent development in financial markets is the surge in gold prices. It is particularly striking given that gold did little to protect investors from the effects of accelerating inflation over the past two years. So why rally now? A complex interplay of known and potentially unknown factors makes the gold rally fascinating to analyse – and we focus on the metal in this week’s Simply put

  • Fixed income- our medium-term playbook

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    Fixed income: our medium-term playbook


    Macro conditions, fundamentals and sentiment are positive but investors would be wrong to count on a goldilocks scenario. In the Q2 issue of Alphorum, we focus on navigating sovereign and credit markets ahead of an easing cycle and looming maturity wall, paying special attention to capitalising on volatility to lock-in attractive duration and idiosyncratic situations to capture spreads.

  • Can high emitters be net-zero leaders?

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    Can high emitters be net-zero leaders?


    At LOIM, our way of deploying capital in the transition to a more sustainable economy differs from many low-carbon strategies. We do not only target businesses that already emit relatively low levels of carbon. Instead, we also seek out firms in economically important but emissions-intensive sectors – like steel and cement – that have ambitious and credible plans to decarbonise and whose progress might be underappreciated by the market. 

  • From climate pledge to portfolio- key net-zero policies

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    From climate pledge to portfolio: key net-zero policies


    In the race to meet the emissions reduction targets set by the Paris Agreement, governments around the world are enforcing policies to decarbonise their economies. This poses a key transitional risk for investors, given the potential impact on industry and business operations. Meanwhile, investors face pressure from financial regulators to provide more information about their portfolio exposures to carbon.  

  • How to build a cross-asset value factor

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    How to build a cross-asset value factor


    MARS, our Multi-Asset Research Series, focuses on complex topics in the realm of multi asset to bring quantitative investment research back to Earth. This fifth edition addresses some of the complexities of forming a value strategy.

  • Powerhouses of growth in South-East Asia

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    Powerhouses of growth in South-East Asia


    As we look into 2024, we like countries and sectors with dominance in either local macro strength or global exports. We already discussed India in our previous insight. Our two other country overweights are Indonesia and the Philippines. We outline the reasons why in the latest instalment of our outlook series on Asia equities.

  • When the disinflation ride gets bumpy

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    When the disinflation ride gets bumpy


    The spectre of inflation re-emerged at the start of this year, particularly in the US. While we are not suggesting a surge in inflation recalling the increases of 2021 and 2022, it must be said that long-awaited disinflation is unlikely to occur in a straight line. This week, Simply put investigates the roots of a mini-resurgence in price rises.