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  • Climate Risk

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    Climate Risk


    Climate Risk Analysis Moves into Investment Processes.   The real estate industry initially responded to climate change by finding ways to reduce a property’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • Residential Rising

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    Residential Rising


    Residential housing is the largest form of real estate in every country, city, and village in the world—and where most have spent an unusually large portion of their time in 2020.

  • The Future of Retail

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    The Future of Retail


    For nearly 50 years, shopping centers have been one of the core holdings of an institutional real estate portfolio.

  • The Future of Office

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    The Future of Office


    Office investing in the post-COVID-19 era comes down to having a view on the outlook for demand and if the risks on that demand outlook are fairly priced in the capital markets.

  • The Future of Climate Change

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    The Future of Climate Change


    It is undeniable that the global economy and real estate portfolios are being tested by the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has also accentuated the link between the economy and the drivers of climate change.

  • More than just a phase

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    Navigating the New Normal


    Time has simultaneously slowed down, as many of us work from home, and it has sped up. Last month’s “unthinkable” has become this month’s norm. Last week’s downside scenario has become this week’s baseline, and next week’s upside. Real estate investors are “zooming” with each other and saying, well at least we didn’t cause this, did we?