KGAL and project developer Premier establish joint venture for solar and wind power in Spain

Grünwald, 08/12/2022 – Following years of successful cooperation, KGAL is establishing a joint venture with Spain’s Premier Group for its KGAL ESPF 5 impact fund. The Spanish partner is contributing its own domestic solar PV project pipeline to the joint venture for further development. KGAL provides financial, operational and strategic support.

Spain is experiencing a solar boom. This is due, in part, to ideal conditions such as the highest irradiation levels in Europe and large areas of available land. In addition, solar energy costs have declined in recent years. This advantageous market environment has led to intense competition for grid connection capacities and the introduction of grid capacity auctions. KGAL and Premier are now joining forces to gain an advantage in tendering for grid capacities for solar parks. For the future, wind projects are also planned as part of the joint venture.

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