Excuse me, while I kiss the sky

This paper is an introduction to the new world of European renewables investment – a sector able to deliver attractive levels of regular income and capital appreciation to asset owners. The market is at perhaps the most electrifying point for investors: mature and proven, competitive and able to replace conventional energy – and with societies demanding more change towards sustainable economies.

The maturity is reflected in the fact that European renewable capacity grew by 77 % and production by 44 % in the last decade alone1. Many governments have felt comfortable enough to with- draw subsidy regimes – the feed-in tariffs that helped kick start the adoption of so many technologies. But there’s a lot more to come. As of today, renewables account for some 19.7 % of the EU’s energy consumption. The goal is to increase these numbers to 32 % by 2030 and then achieve climate neutrality by 20502. Such a growing market offers remarkable opportunities to invest with interesting levels of diversification. And this is what really marks Europe out as a holistic investment universe.

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