KGAL sums up 2022 – a year of surging interest rates and exceptional performance

KGAL, a leading independent investment and asset manager, sums up its performance in 2022 and despite inflation, interest rate turnaround, energy crisis – KGAL passed the tests of 2022 with flying colours. New business volume reached almost €1.9 billion across all asset classes.

The renewable energy funds exceeded their return targets by approximately 100 percent on average, the impact residential real estate fund, KGAL Core 5 LIFE, got off to a strong start and the aviation team took advantage of the industry’s comeback, securing 16 aircraft operating leases. KGAL also made a number of important internal decisions within the company, further providing for a successful future.

There were many triggers in 2022 for investment and asset managers to switch into savings mode and wait out the economic storm. KGAL did the complete opposite and invested in its future. “Standing still is taking a step backwards. This is truer now than ever in view of ever-changing market trends, growing ESG requirements and the rapid digital transformation,” emphasises Gert Waltenbauer, CEO of KGAL GmbH & Co. KG. “We launched a series of IT projects in 2022 that will not initially generate a single euro in revenue, but that will deliver important added value to our customers. We have selectively increased our staff base because our in-house expertise is our most important asset. And we are in the process of positioning ourselves in an even more market-oriented way.”

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