Ivanhoé Cambridge partners with Resilience First

Global climate leaders are now recognising that climate change is directly impacting communities, acknowledging that adaptations are needed to mitigate the negative effects that extreme weather events are having at a local level.

Through the introduction of the Loss & Damage Fund, a commitment made at the recent COP27 in November, global leaders are starting to make such necessary changes to global infrastructure.

Across the Real Estate industry, adaptation is urgently needed. Urban centres, where population density, infrastructure demand and building occupancy is the highest, must be a priority focus for all stakeholders in the global climate challenge. Cities will need to be prepared for extreme weather, including heat, wind and flooding which are now becoming the new normal. Of course, we must not forget the urgency of mitigating the impact of the built environment on climate change, which contributes to 40% of global greenhouse emissions.

You can read the full press release now at the link below