20 Manchester Square

How do you define ‘carbon neutral’? Is this the project redevelopment itself or ‘the property in use’ once complete?

Carbon neutral has two separately defined measures: embodied carbon (in construction) and operational carbon (in use). The carbon neutral is in the construction phase and can only be construction at this stage until the property is ready to be handed over to the tenant.

How are you achieving ‘carbon neutral’? 

We are minimising carbon throughout the construction process and then offsetting a relatively small amount to achieve carbon neutral. 

Why only ‘BREEAM excellent’ and not ‘Exceptional’? 

BREEAM excellent is the highest reasonable target we are able to aim for while retaining as much of the existing building. BREEAM outstanding/exceptional would have required fundamental changes in the building structure itself, which would not have been possible with the amount of building we wanted to retain.

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