Corporate overview

ICG was founded in 1989 and is a global specialist asset manager with approximately $65.2bn of assets under management, 495 employees and consultants across 15 countries worldwide as at 30 June 2021. ICG was established to capitalise on opportunities in the then-nascent European subordinated debt and intermediate capital markets, and over the past 32 years, has invested over £19bn in this market, becoming one of the market leaders in this asset class.

ICG Real Estate is ICG’s real estate platform, with $7bn1 of assets under management investing across both debt and equity real estate strategies. Our debt strategies include partnership capital (providing whole loans, mezzanine, and preferred equity to support value add business plans), senior debt, sale and leaseback and residential development finance. Our equity strategies include sale and leaseback, value add and opportunistic equity and infrastructure equity. We have also recently added a real estate debt capability in Australia.

All strategies have a sustainable approach, including a focus in the debt strategies on investments which help to mitigate climate change through ICG’s green loan framework.

ICGRE is one of the largest and longest established independent CRE debt managers in Europe.2 The team comprises 41 people, including 32 investment professionals across its five investment strategies and 12 professionals responsible for credit risk manage- ment, portfolio monitoring and fund operations.

The management team have an average of almost 30 years’ experience in direct property, banking or investment management and the co-heads of the ICGRE team, Kevin Cooper and Martin Wheeler, have worked together since 1998.

1 As at 30 September 2021.
2 ICG Real Estate based on analysis of independent debt managers identified in Real Estate Capital Top 30 European Lenders Report, June 2021.


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