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    Creating and managing portfolios in the secured finance market


    Since the financial crisis eight years ago, banks have been forced to reduce the scale of their lending as a result of increased regulation.

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    Secured Finance: Can extra yield be obtained without sacrificing credit quality?


    Investors may not have to look towards the lower end of the credit ratings spectrum in order to earn higher yields than those currently avail- able in investment grade corporate bonds.

  • evolution of the investment approach to emerging market debt

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    Evolution of the investment approach to emerging market debt


    Emerging market fixed income is a maturing asset class. Its rapid growth in size, scale and complexity has meant that investors have had to adapt their investment approach over time to gain appropriate exposure given the many different risk and return drivers at play across the full spectrum. We believe a total return multi-asset approach is likely to play an increasingly important role in investor allocation behaviour.

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    Farmland offers distinct opportunity among real assets


    Institutional investors have increased expo- sure to real assets over the last several years as the low return, low inflation backdrop has fuelled demand for alternative investments as a source of income. While most of the interest and flows have gone towards property and infrastructure investments, farmland investments have so far been underrepresented in institutional portfolios despite boasting equally, if not more, appealing characteristics.

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    How to implement ESG analysis in credit research


    At Insight, we believe that incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks within credit analysis, alongside other investment considerations, is achievable and beneficial for investors.

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    Managing cash flow risks with greater confidence using fixed income


    As pension schemes mature many are reaching the tipping point at which payments to retirees exceed contributions and income from investment. Insight Investment’s Olaf John highlights how secured finance investments can help pension schemes manage cash flows while generating growth

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    Currency wars highlight risk and opportunity


    After a positive first half risk assets are now on the back foot. Heightened volatility in currency markets has been particularly unsettling for emerging markets. Whether investors view currencies as a risk to be managed or an opportunity to be exploited the message is clear: doing nothing is not an ...

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    Debt, distortion and navigating credit markets


    Markets have been distorted by unprecedented central bank intervention. In spite of talk of policy normalisation, the burden of debt is a significant constraint. Finding opportunities in credit markets will require innovative investment approaches, writes Insight Investment’s Head of Credit, Alex Veroude

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    Optimising your credit strategy in a low-yield world


    Investment grade credit markets provided investors with strong performance in 2014, but with credit markets testing their highs, now is an opportune time for investors to reconsider how credit portfolios might be affected by diverging US and eurozone monetary policy.