IFM Investors offers institutional investment management to aligned investors.

Infrastructure: IFM Investors is a pioneer and leader in global infrastructure investing. We manage critical infrastructure assets that generate wide-ranging social and economic benefits to communities across the world. We take a long-term approach and choose assets that typically have strong market positions, a predictable regulatory environment, high barriers to entry, limited demand-elasticity and long lives. 

Debt Investments: We offer a range of credit, bond and cash strategies for institutional investors. Our successful track record underpins our reputation for credit diligence, quality investments, efficient negotiation and highly competent risk management. 

Listed Equities: Listed equities play a key role in many institutional investors’ portfolios. In Australia, we offer an extensive range of active, indexed and smart beta options with global capability. 

Private Equity: We are an established and highly regarded private equity investor, investing in the asset class since 1998.. Our approach is based on combining strong investor alignment and market leading capabilities to deliver compelling relative and absolute returns. Today, we are focused on the provision of growth capital for services-based companies based in Australia or New Zealand. 

Our commitment to Responsible Investment 

We integrate responsible investment principles into our investment processes and stewardship activities. 

Our approach focuses on three key areas: 

Climate and the Environment 

  • We factor material environmental considerations into investment decisions and believe this is critical to managing the long-term opportunities and risks of climate change and the transition to a lower carbon economy. 
  • We have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our asset classes, targeting net zero by 2050.  

Working People 

  • We believe we have an important leadership role to play when it comes to workplace safety and workplace conditions. 
  • Our approach aligns with global labour rights frameworks, including the United Nations Global Compact and the International Labour Organisation.

Inclusion & Diversity

  • We believe inclusive cultures that embrace diverse qualities, backgrounds and perspectives lead to more innovative thinking, better decision-making and competitive business performance.