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    Consultant Fireside: A Closer Look at Public vs Private Real Estate Valuations


    What drives the discount or premium in public vs private real estate and what we need to think about going forward

  • Global Public Real Estate Outlook Report

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    2023 Global Public Real Estate Outlook Report


    Hazelview Investments has released its 2023 Global Public Real Estate Outlook Report! Taking a forward-looking viewpoint and leveraging lessons learned from previous recessionary cycles, our Global Securities team provides insight on what we can expect in 2023 and spotlights companies we believe will deliver outsized returns.

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    Global REITs Through Economic Cycles


    As inflation continues to run at multi-decade highs around the globe, central banks continue to increase their pace at removing accommodation. The Bank of Canada, The Reserve Bank of Australia and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand have all hiked interest rates by 50bps in the month of June, with even the Swiss National Bank surprising the market with a like-kind increase.

  • Recession and Inflations - Historical Lessons


    Recession and Inflations - Historical Lessons


    Managing Partner and Head of Global Securities, Corrado Russo walks though how REITs have performed before, during and post the previous recessionary periods and what that might suggests in terms of expectations looking forward.

  • Webinar- Investing in Real Estate - Why and How


    Webinar: Investing in Real Estate - Why and How


    Adding real estate to your portfolio can enhance income, improve diversification and provide an excellent hedge against inflation. Join Hazelview Investments’ Corrado Russo and Michael Tsourounis to learn more about how client portfolios can benefit from real estate investments and the different ways to approach this asset class to suit your client’s risk-return profile.

  • Hazelview - Q1 2022 Commentary

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    Q1 2022 Commentary


    In our 2022 Outlook Report we detailed:

  • 2022 Global Public Real Estate Outlook Report

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    2022 Global Public Real Estate Outlook Report


    After exceptional performance in 2021, we look forward to another exciting year as we seek to deliver the strong risk-adjusted returns our clients have come expect.

  • Inflation and REITs

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    Inflation and REITs


    As the world reopens at an accelerated rate, we are facing an unintended consequence, inflation. Although economists’ debate whether its transitory or structural, the bottom line is prices have risen. Inflationary periods can adversely affect investor performance, yet there are opportunities to position a portfolio to make inflation work for you.

  • Cell Tower REITs and 5G - Catch the Wave

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    Cell Tower REITs and 5G - Catch the Wave


    With the growth in devices, in service and usage per device, industry forecasts project data consumption to rise by more than 30% per year. We are consuming more data, at quicker rates, on the move and more frequently. The continued roll out of 5G will not only increase download speeds and traffic capacity but increase the need for infrastructure to support the delivery of 5G coverage.

  • 2021 Global REIT Outlook

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    2021 Global REIT Outlook


    The first half of 2020 saw the emergence of COVID-19. It created a macroeconomic downturn that was a shock of significant magnitude and breadth: global GDP declined by more than double the amount recorded during the Global Financial Crisis (“GFC”); consumer saving rates surged as households hunkered down; while employment, retail sales, manufacturing activity and stock prices all plunged in spectacular fashion.

  • Timbercreek Announces Rebranding of Business Units

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    Timbercreek Announces Rebranding of Business Units


    Timbercreek today announced the rebranding of Timbercreek Equities Corp. as Hazelview Investments. As part of the previously announced reorganization of the Timbercreek group, Timbercreek Equities Corp. has assumed ownership of the direct real estate and public securities investment management business, and effective today will operate as Hazelview. 

  • Global Real Estate Securities - 2020 Market Outlook

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    Global Real Estate Securities - 2020 Market Outlook


    As we enter the start of a new decade, global economic activity has shifted to a slower but steady pace compared to the past few years and Central banks stand ready to intervene to support economic activity by holding interest rates lower for longer until both growth AND inflation recover.