People (5)

  • Ugo Bizzarri, CFA

    Ugo Bizzarri, CFA

    Chief Executive Officer

    Ugo Bizzarri co-founded Timbercreek Asset Management in 1999 and is now the Chief Executive Officer of Hazelview Investments.

  • Claudia Reich Floyd, MBA

    Claudia Reich Floyd, MBA

    Portfolio Manager

    Claudia Reich Floyd joined Hazelview Investments in February 2012 and heads up our European office.

  • Corrado Russo CFA, MBA

    Corrado Russo CFA, MBA

    Senior Managing Director, Investments & Global Head of Securities

    Corrado Russo joined in July 2011 and is Senior Managing Director, Investments & Global Head of Securities.

  • Joseph Shaw CFA, MSc RE, MBA

    Joseph Shaw CFA, MSc RE, MBA

    Vice President, Institutional Sales and Head of Relationship Investing

    Joseph Shaw joined Hazelview Investments in October 2020 as Head of Relationship Investing. In his current role, Joseph is responsible for representing all of the Hazelview’s investment capabilities and funds in the institutional market.

  • Cameron Goodnough MBA, LLB

    Cameron Goodnough MBA, LLB

    Managing Director, Partnerships and Capital

    Cameron Goodnough joined Hazelview Investments in 2016. As Managing Director, Capital and Partnership, Cameron is a senior member of the team responsible for corporate development (evaluating and executing on strategies to build and grow Hazelview), capital raising wit