People (4)

  • Ugo Bizzarri

    Ugo Bizzarri

    Managing Partner & CEO

    Ugo Bizzarri co-founded Timbercreek Asset Management in 1999 and is now the Chief Executive Officer of Hazelview Investments.

  • Corrado Russo

    Corrado Russo

    Managing Partner & Head of Global Securities

    Corrado Russo joined in July 2011 and is Senior Managing Director, Investments & Global Head of Securities.

  • Cameron Goodnough

    Cameron Goodnough

    Managing Partner & Head of Capital & Partnerships

    Cameron Goodnough joined Hazelview Investments in 2016. As Managing Director, Capital and Partnership, Cameron is a senior member of the team responsible for corporate development (evaluating and executing on strategies to build and grow Hazelview), capital raising wit

  • Claudia Reich Floyd

    Claudia Reich Floyd

    Managing Partner, Portfolio Manager

    Claudia Reich Floyd joined Hazelview Investments in February 2012 and heads up our European office.