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    Europe’s emerging alternative sectors


    When Harrison Street entered Europe in 2015, alternative sectors like Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) and Build-to-Rent (BTR) were considered niche real estate asset classes.

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    Time for Core European Alternatives


    2024 is an attractive entry point for European alternative real estate sectors. The current market dislocation that has arisen from changing capital market conditions has led to significant repricing in the past year, providing an opportunity to acquire core, well-performing alternative assets at an attractive basis discount. 

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    Unleashing the power of the “S” in ESG


    The “E” in ESG is fairly well understood in terms of what environmental stewardship entails and how to measure it. Not only is it critical to improve operational efficiency of buildings to save on utility spend, but with the building sector being responsible for 40% of all emissions, there is a heightened focus on reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

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    The case for alternatives in uncertain markets


    Investor demand for alternative real estate sectors in Europe continues to remain at record levels. Sectors once viewed as niche have established themselves as part of well diversified real estate portfolios, with specialised strategies such as student accommodation, build-to- rent, life sciences and healthcare now regularly featured among the top of investor’s sectoral wish-lists.

  • The growth of European Life Sciences Real Estate

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    The growth of European Life Sciences Real Estate


    COVID-19 has magnified the importance of life sciences by highlighting the need for the critical innovation life sciences firms are using to solve the current health crisis and to assist with solutions to other long-term health challenges.

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    Infrastructure Investing


    A differentiated approach to Social Infrastructure

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    Real Estate Investing


    Investing in non-traditional, highly-fragmented real estate that has attractive, steady and defensible demand drivers

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    Social Infrastructure Open-End Fund


    Launched in 2018, Harrison Street’s Social Infrastructure Fund was developed to pursue a unique strategy to service universities, health systems and government users. Deferred maintenance, decarbonization and resiliency trends have led to an increased need for capital solutions in the space. 

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    US Open-End Core Fund


    US Open-End Fund

  • Strategies

    European Closed-End opportunistic Fund Series (Funds I-II)


    Europe Closed-End Fund Series
    Harrison Street began investing in Europe in 2015. The firm’s investment approach is to provide innovative and flexible capital solutions to the student accommodation market and specialty residential properties, including micro-living and private rental units, which exhibit similar demand drivers and demographic characteristics to the European student housing sector. 

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    US Closed-End Opportunistic Fund Series (Funds I-VII)


    US Closed-End Fund Series