GTIS Investment Strategy

GTIS Partners is a thought-leader with a strategic vision for identifying exceptional real estate investment opportunities. The firm’s vision of where to find risk-adjusted value in real estate is constantly evolving based on the top-down findings of its dedicated research team as well as the bottom-up recommendations of its experienced investment and asset management teams.

The firm, which uses its research findings to develop investment theses, often invests in out-of-favor asset classes or regions, as it did in 2007 when committing to a fully-integrated investment platform in Brazil at a time when other BRIC countries were far more fashionable for many real estate investors, and in 2009 when it began its investment in U.S. residential, at a time when the vast majority of investors had red-lined the sector.

The firm’s investment strategy focuses on development, transitional and distressed assets that have a value-creation catalyst. Leveraging the team’s hands-on real estate experience and relationships, GTIS Partners identifies properties that have the potential for significant capital appreciation through development, redevelopment or improved management. GTIS Partners also seeks to acquire non-performing and sub-performing loans secured by real estate assets.

In pursuit of the most favorable risk-adjusted returns, GTIS Partners considers opportunities throughout the real estate capital structure. The company’s equity strategy is focused on either developing or operating assets on its own or partnering with operators and developers that are considered best-in-class. The firm’s debt strategy centers on providing those same operators and developers with mezzanine and bridge loans. Through its flexible approach to structuring investments, GTIS Partners creates capital solutions that are tailored to each of its partners’ specific needs.