GTIS Partners Announces $248 Million Transaction in Real Estate Logistics Assets in São Paulo Brazil

GTIS Partners LP, (“GTIS”), a real estate private equity firm headquartered in New York City, with offices in São Paulo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Paris and Munich, today announced the completion of the acquisition of $248 million (R$1.37 billion) in real estate assets by its GTIS Brazil Logistics Real Estate Investment Fund.

Strategically located in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, the assets are logistics warehouses and include Centro Logístico Embu (66,521 square meters), Distribution Center Barueri (90,484 square meters), Distribution Center Cajamar (102,650 square meters), and Distribution Center Rodoanel (77,587 square meters).

The acquisition was structured through the creation of a local real estate investment trust (known in Brazil as “FII”), which will be externally managed by an affiliate of GTIS Partners and is similar in many respects to a US REIT.  The acquisition involved an equity investment through the issuance of the FII’s shares, accompanied by the issuance of real estate receivables certificates (CRIs) backed by the purchase and sale agreements related to the acquisitions. The FII issuance was made in the amount of $130 million(R$ 717,300,000),  while the CRIs were issued in the total amount of $118 million (R$ 655,500,000) resulting in a transaction value with an aggregate value  of $248 million (R$ 1,372,800,000.00)  The creation of the FII marks GTIS’s first effort to access local public Brazilian equity markets.

According to a survey by Ebit|Nielsen, the e-commerce segment registered an increase of 47% in 2020, which has contributed to the increasing demand for logistics warehouses located in the vicinity of large urban centers to facilitate the distribution of goods. The e-commerce segment now represents 71.5% of GTIS’ logistics $x portfolio by revenue.

You can now read the full press release at the link below